1-testosterone cypionate or DHB better information


I’m there…a smart man doesn’t get so pissed about stuff he can’t or doesn’t know how to change(myself) I know just enough to make myself sick or cynical, both do nothing for anyone. I’m just still one of the sheep…I knew " crashed gear" was just not right…all these new concoctions of drugs that just never were good or “made it” I’ve seen myagen or bolasterone orals out there, nilevar, but did I follow suit…yep. I even read a good presentation on stanazol cypionate…the only one that can be in oil or whatever carrier besides a suspension. Sounded good to me but so did crushed trenbolone pellets with dmso way back…infection…there was a time when buying the pellet gun to implant sounded good. I guess that’s why its good we have the forums…bad and good.


That’s some crazy shit
There is always the new thing everyone is always looking for that edge to put them ahead of the game




If you just learn how to spell, we would be so proud… They teach that in school you know…


Quit fucking around you have to weigh in at 215- 240 tomorrow!!


Here this will clear it all up or make it clear as mud. I’m not going to say much as I would never use this compound nor would any pros I know or legit bodybuilders and I’ve asked a few. I’m leaving it at that lol I believe everyone knows my tale on this one


Oh you guys are entertaining me I’m laughing over here with my rice as I carb up


Good friend of yours?:grinning:


Your brother


I will say it again, school is not a place for smart people. If you have to pay over 100k a year to learn to underline and read the books they offer for free in the Library (or you can pay $400 for the new), then in my mind you are not a smart person. If ones goal is simply to learn the status quo and to further perpetuate it, by all means spoon the heaps off BS into your gullet as fast as you can and “Learn” so much! We’ll all be so impressed.


Feels like I am in the movie Goodwill Hunting.

“How about them apples?”

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Heres some free resources to help you.


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