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Contests This category is for all UGM Contests. We at <a href="http://UGMUSCLE.COM">UGMUSCLE.COM</a> always enjoy a great contest like member of the month, most posts in a month, most invites in a month, and the biggest contest of them all the yearly GAINS AND GOALS competition.<br> If a sponsor would like to sponsor a contest please contact <a class="mention" href="/u/bigmurph">@Bigmurph</a> and we can get it set up.<br> All members of UGM are allowed to compete in all contests.<br> Good luck and good gains
Gear Church Injectible Sale-March [Promo Section] (2)

All injectibles are 20% off the entire month of March. Great products-Great customer service. Send me a pm with your email info for an up to date list!

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