Your preferred Oral to add to 1st/2nd cycle


Hey guys, just wondering what is your preferred oral to add to a beginner cycle, right now im on 500mg of test a week and probably wont add anything else this cycle, but I am just trying to research and learn more in general. Some I see suggested a lot are dbol, anadrol, anavar, and Winnie. What have you guys used in your earlier cycles and got good gains from? Also any positives/ negatives from each one?


Depending on your goals and training and diet plans. Its really the only way to answer.
My favorite orals are dbol but can no longer run due to high BP. I also really like var and MHN to cut up and tbol to increase strength in a bulking cycle.

Give us your plans and I would like to explain which oral I think would fit best with your goals and training and diet plans dont use winny if you value your joint health just my opinion


Tbol was my first oral. No aromatizarion. Fairly mild in toxicity. If diet and training are on point can see solid gains. Can be used for cut or bulk. Dry gains.

Dbol and drol you just gotta watch for gyno issues, blood pressure, water retention… so just depends what you want and risks you’re willing to take.

Winny is good but pretty harsh on joints and cholesterol. Gotta watch the ligaments and stuff and not overdue it cuz strength comes on very nice with it.

Var is amazing if you get legit stuff and is probably the least harsh. Gives insane pumps.

There’s your google answers all in one place :wink:


Tryin to bulk up, gain strength and muscle, but trying avoid a lot of water retention, I stay strict on my diet because im trying to minimize fat gain and water weight, etc. so I was thinking of going with anavar, but it seems its usually used on cuts. I was thinking maybe I could go with dbol and minimize the water retention if I keep my diet strict, trying to stay away from Winnie bc of the joint issues.


I would reccomend using the var just make sure that you eat heavy so you bulk up and when you finish your cycle and slim down the gains from the var will hold nice.
I would also reccomend trying adrol 2wks on 2wks off through your cycle and keep a close eye on your estrogen levels and you shouldn’t hold to much water and drol will give you some heavy gains in size and strength.
Just curious what AI do you use?
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@Bigmurph are you recommending that he use abombs and var on his first oral cycle?

@reginaldbjj may I ask why you are considering adding an oral vs. another injectable combined with testosterone?


I personally like to add an oral in for 3-4 weeks. In the last half of cycle I used to go example 3 to 7 with “lighter” one(bad word) t bol, Anavar…then 10 , 11, 12 with ANADROL.


No im reccomend that on a second cycle that he could use adrol. The var if he wanted to use in his first cycle I don’t think that is a problem. He needs to learn how to control his estrogen and var will not effect that.
The adrol shouldn’t be used until second cycle. Its a compound that shouldn’t be used in a first cycle.
I was explaining that orals need to be chosen to fit the goals and training and diet plan that you are interested in running in a cycle.

No one should use 2 orals in any cycle unless you are an advanced user and understand how to combine dbol/adrol or even running a longterm cycle with a kick oral and ending oral.


Unless you are kickstarting a cycle i see no need for orals. From personal experience then benefit is short lived before the negative sides come crashing the party. Lethargy, high blood pressure, loss of libido, loss of appetite (worst of them all) and overall shitty feeling is exact opposite of what im trying to accomplish. I think adding an injectable version of d-bol or anadrol is much better. 1st you can use less because bioavailability is higher 2nd the sides seem more reward to risk factor. Or you could just add another injectable drug like deca, npp, eq, tren or primo to bring total weekly mgs higher and let them drugs work synergistically to do their magic :ok_hand:t2:


@Bigmurph got it. I read your post as if we’re recommending both.

@MBTJR1980 right on. A second injectable or even a short ester kicker is now my preferred method. I have found over the years that orals are a poor return on investment included in a cycle AND as a kick start. I love the feeling of dbol but can’t account for any verifiable results from its use. Anavar might be the only exception to the above statement but I definitely wouldn’t use it in a bulking cycle. I just can’t see how that would be a good use of my wife’s money! :sunglasses:


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Since its your first cycle IMO I would add something mild like 50-75mg proviron ED.


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