You won't believe what this woman did after being insulted


You won’t believe what this woman did after being insulted at the checkout…

Do you know what she did?

She went home and told her b*tch of a man to order some Nectar Of The Gods and grow a set so she can feel protected like she deserves…

Let me guess, you woke up today after your woman yelled at you too and looked in the mirror and said “What the fuck?” Right?
How did I guess?
Because your ass is here looking at gear as you’re putting things into great consideration wondering how you can keep here and that means there’s still hope for you my friend!

Relax, we all been there…

Listen, this isn’t Nerd Fitness or some beginners guide to getting ripped
like 10.8 billion moronic articles that litter the internet with some regurgitated nonsense…
I bet none of them mentioned this shit right here called “Trenbolone”…

Don’t get overwhelmed and intimidated,
instead why don’t you venture over to the “dark side”
and do the overwhelming and intimidation yourself!

Get your act together, do things different this time around don’t let some chump offend your pride and joy AGAIN and don’t act like you don’t know how, because it’s looking at you right in the face!

Bottom-line, work on your waistline and man up…
Turn up the heat this season because you have a motherfuck’n reason, get ripped!

(click the flames and begin your gains)

Trenbolone Enanthate - 200mg/ml 10ml/vial EP

Condition: New product
Chemical Name:Trenbolone enanthate
Comes In: 10ml vial - 200mg/ml
Dosage: 300-500mg/week
Active time: 8-10 days
Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid


Lol…now thats funny.


Edited- I misread the advertisement


LOL no one made a reference about a female. Have thick skin and laugh a little, marines hear worst while in the suck, no? It’s a playful promo, anyone that’s in AAS and lives on the grind should know how to chuckle and not be a snowflake… :slight_smile:


I misread it because when I saw the word used I immediately jumped to conclusion… other than that call me a snowflake all day long because I actually didn’t find humor in that advertisement.

I wasn’t offended in the least but there are hundreds of members at UGM and we are responsible for the things that we decide to post.


I never called you a snowflake… Come on man, you really going to cesspool a promo and put a spin on things? I said “anyone that’s in AAS and lives on the grind should know how to chuckle and not be a snowflake”… This way of life isn’t for silly Sally’s, if we can all do what we do as the 2% minority, than let’s laugh about what others can’t, because we already do what others can’t… Have an amazing night!

And SemperFi? You need to up your tren… :slight_smile:


Its all good buddy. I didn’t say you called me a snowflake. I was just willing to be considered a snowflake because I found no humor in it.

Tren is for pussies… god’s are built with test, MENT and primo… and a dash of deca. :wink:


You had me at test, ment, halo and primo. My exact stack I have right near me… I was just going over with Murph last night about it… 1000mg of primo for 20 weeks… :slight_smile:


400mg is my happy place with primo. Good luck.


I never ran it at 1000, ill keep you posted… but ment really sounds good too… I just need to avoid the acne while on ment… after about 5 weeks I feel a bit ran down… we shall see


@Vision Have you ever used halo? That puts me in the dirt quick.


Oh I’m interested in hearing your ment stories. Didnt realize you were a fan.


@Fitraver ahhh man… I owe you a lot of info already. :wink:

@Vision best of luck at UGM. Great cats here for sure. My sincere apology for bringing negative attention into your promo and having a poor sense of humor this evening.


Hahaha. Better get to typing.


I actually have some right here and was running at 20mg pre workout… I jump to 30+, not needed… I wonder how ment would be with halo? your thoughts??


MENT by itself has some serious strength increases for me. I don’t see the need for halo in an environment like that because at my age I am not looking to bust up any PR’s.


my man, I have thick skin, I laughed with you the whole time… I don’t need to overreact because once I do that all dialog is out the window… see we sat back an laughed at this classless ad… you’ll never see an other like it, it’s just our way of becoming undone and being human again in lieu of operating like machines…


Right on!


Like I said before I don’t check in for a few and the place is up in arms. My purpose must be to post rambling confusing stuff with a hint of knowledge…like a word find puzzle. Gram of test…I have to read the ad slowly. I scroll to the middle immediately…50 ment ed. What is a snowflake? 5 halo a day. It can’t be anyone that likes ment. 600 primo maybe 750…week. Maybe a touch of masteron too if leaner…400 week. Have a great day gentlemen. Red pill blue pill…take em both.


Too funny! Nice Matrix reference bro