WTF IHOP?!?!?!?!?!? Lol


I’m so upset lmao. How does this make sense from a marketing perspective?!? They trying to be know for more than pancakes I guess but STILL.




C’mon why ruin a great thing lmao!!!


That is sooooo wrong in so many ways. My guess is IHOb = International House of Breakfast.


I’m legit going to IHOP tomorrow for a cheat post leg workout. I’m gunna have to express my disbelief haha.


The new options suck.


Pancakes offended someone, so they had to change their name.


Everyone’s a cry baby.


The place was created on their pancakes now they want to be something they are not :-1:t2:


Hahahahaha dad thing is I today’s world that could be true.


I love ihop they can call it anything they want I’ll always be a fried steak ,eggs ,grits ,sausage and 10 pancake fan


Heard there now for 10 pancakes. Leg day cheat.


Stupid PR stunt. I love that place still. Steak and Eggs and pancake stacks! And those steak omelettes :drooling_face:


well i heard actually that they were closing because i beleive they were under an umbrella that was closing alot of their places and ihop was one if them…so i am thinking they were bought and cant keep the same name…but its legal to change a letter which still keeps it some what familiar a close to original name by flipping the p upside down lol! i am guessing…maybe now International House Of Brunch?


Oh that would actually make a lot of sense lol. You’re so smart.


actually i found this…ghis is more like it…i guess rebranding in an attempt to be more relavent in current trends?


Yeah that was my thoughts around why it was happening. Rebranding to ty and be more relevant more of a well rounded restaurant. Be we all know. Nobody is going to IHOP for burgers and seafood lmao.


Off topic but just as important as the IHOP name change…

Saw an ad with the tagline “FREE BACON FOR LIFE”. Of course I clicked it… who wouldn’t?!

Needless to say I got suckered and found no free bacon… Who does that???