Work out for cutting


Every show i did i never changed the work out, i was a light weight so i always trained for mass all the way to the show , i let the diet and cardio do its work. 3-4 weeks ago …just to do something different i changed everything : more frequent training, super-sets, tri-sets, quatri-sets, giant -sets, circuit training, etc. i just wanted to experience some thing different so i can choose what is best for my show. I am a hard, hard gainer; hard for me to put solid muscle on, hard for me to get lean, am just not an athletic person so is essential to find best way of training and dieting according to the phase of the cycle.
How do you train for cutting?


@Pastor that is a very tough question for me to give a direct answer for because I think I have done evrythimg under the sun at one time or another. I followed the advice of bodybuilding guru’s. I have read and implemented so many published routines. I even went as far as a kid and dropped a dime to get all of Charles Atlas’ secrets. You ol’ timers remember the ad in the comic books right next to the Sea Monkey’s ad. :monkey_face:

In all seriousness my best results have never came from a specific routine or method. My most successful results have came from a unparalleled level of consistent commitment combined with a higher degree of training intensity in any method chosen. Failure PLUS one more rep!

In my experience most people talk a big game about their training intensity but the reality I have seen and been part of is they have set the bar way too low so they perceive they are going all out. Elite athletes are elite for one reason … they know how to push themselves physically and mentally farther than the average man or women. The are willing to do what others have chosen not to do.

The cutting process is not easy in my mind but it is very simple… committed intensity.


One add… I will never be able to out train a poor lifestyle. Whether building endurance, strength, muscle development or cutting my success has to start in my lifestyle choices.