Winter 10 Week Lean Bulk Mass Building Program Grow with the Snow


It’s all relative to the gains you want I imagine. I have seen a few guys as well that are fully Keto and ripped, but not necessarily like huge. I know it can be done, but it seems to all be about your macros and portion sizes (cals). I think where I’ve always lagged is the portions. I’m not a big guy by nature, only 5’9 190 lbs, so eating a ton all the time isn’t real easy. When I have it really made the difference though. Guess I’m just curious about how Carb Cycling is different and what effects it will have versus Keto. I have also tossed in Intermittent fasting with Keto and they work well together for cutting fast, but you have to be careful with your proteins so you don’t lose muscle.


Most individuals will not be able to bulk on a ketogenic or modified ketogenic diet. The bodybuilders that you see ripped and huge did NOT do that on keto. They gained their size pre-keto and then switched to keto later in their development. If a lean bulk is a persons goal then stick with the straight path. If you are more patient and a small amount of mass per year is acceptable then keto could be an option.

As far as protein goes we need less than what you actually believe. A percentage of the protein we ingest is not even ultized. Enhanced individuals are at an advantage concerning protein consumption because of the increased protein synthesis that steroids provide.

If you want to spice it up and increase your nutrient partioning even more you could always add a splash of TrenA to a cycle… more bang for the buck of calories consumed.

If we are wanting to be serious about all this employee a coach/trainer that can take a third party approach to our diet and development is an excellent investment and provides a high return, in results and education.

I will post ‘The Supplements’ soon.

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The Supplements-

The choice of which OTC supplements to use on cycle can be overwhelming and costly. I have tried to simplify this process by making it duplicatable for almost any one and at the same time limit the expense. Here are the supplements that are recommended for The 10 Week Lean Bulk Mass Building Program.

You can choose to add or subtract from the choices but each are chosen for a specific purpose.

BCAA- 5g upon waking or pre workout and 5g post workout.
Creatine Monohydrate- 5g pre workout and 5g post workout. Do not take longer than 8 continuous weeks.
Glutamine- 10g post workout and 5-10g before bed.
Whey Protein Isolate as needed, 30g post workout with 35-50g fast acting carbs.
Fish Oil- 2g daily
Vitamin D3- 5000iu daily - it’s winter
Vitamin C- 5g daily- split throughout the day

Pre-Workout Vasodialator and NO2 Booster
Dynamic Evolution Vaso6X - One serving upon waking
Dynamic Evolution Loaded AF - One serving 30 minutes pre-workout

As members of @phd has provided us with a family discount for all Dynamic Evolution products. Use discount code FAM25 (case sensitive). I use these two products personally and they are clinically dosed.


Yes that makes sense. Thanks for the update.


Great posts on otc and keto. What cycle would you recommend with these otc supps? Do they have any effect with or without certain ones?


I don’t have any cycle recommendations @Stirms.

I outlined a proven method for lean muscle development even without the use of steroids. How someone chooses to add their jollies is their choice. :wink:


Fair enough.


You can always post a thread in the steroid discussion category concerning any proposed cycle @Stirms and members will be more than happy to provide guidance, opinions and/or advice. This is the best way for you to get as much participation as you may need and provides you with a specific thread to discuss your idea.

Good luck and let me know if you need any assistance on where to post it if you choose to do so.


@members, Anyone put any of this or planning to put any of this into practice in the near future?

I am beginning the training routine on December 12 and you can follow the log here-