Winter 10 Week Lean Bulk Mass Building Program Grow with the Snow


The Workout

We will be training four days a week. Focusing on Heavy and Rest-Pause sets.

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Looks good. I’ll give it a run. I’ve been trying to figure out my diet. When I get that together. Macro calculation says 494 carbs 87 fat 240 protein. Really not liking the carb number. My body hates carbs


Well you’re in luck. Join me on keto. :wink: my stomach also hates carbs. Which sucks because I LOVE it.


I also can’t do high carbs. Im not a full keto guy yet might try it in the future but I bloat heavily with high carbs.

@SemperFi This program looks solid and I will be looking forward to the remaining posts.


I’ve been on keto since October 1st. Dropped 29 pounds. So far. Haven’t had a cheat meal yet. I really wanna bulk up then. Cut and keto again.


Sounds very similar to what @SemperFi is doing! Congrats on the weight loss bro.


Keep me posted on the diet and the supplements.


Great work @Coalhogg. That is some accomplishment and that discipline will always carry over into better returns in the future.


Anybody wonder why there is no flat bench press in this program? @Fitraver @Coalhogg @MBTJR1980 @Swest @Jstan @GlycogenGuy @Czworeczki


You forgot to add it. Lol.


Cuz that shit wrecks your fuckin shoulders. I hardly ever do it. Incline feels better to me and builds the chest better imo. I stick to DBs if it’s my choice for flat bench. JM prefers incline too. I think in 12 weeks I’ve onky done flat Barbell once or twice. His incline is stronger than his flat


That is more than possible in most things but not in this case @Coalhogg. :wink: Flat bench is excluded for three specific reasons. @Fitraver nailed one. Lets see if others can sniff out the other two that I had in mind.


Dumbbell workouts I presumed were replacing it

This should be interesting to find out the other 2 because I don’t have the answer


Limited range of motion, bad on shoulder joint and rotator cuff, too much ego lifting instead of working the muscle


There is no flat bench period. Not even dumbbells.


Fit got you beat but you nailed it with the shoulder issues. Still two more.


Me personally i love flat bench i hit 405 x 5 on my 6th set yesterday :wink:


I thought that a&b were going to be mixed up in future posts with different routines.
I was way off


No. This is the complete 10 week workout. We will post the diet and supplements part of the program in the next couple of days.