Why We Fail to Achieve Our Goals


I feel comfortable enough with the members at UGM that I wanted to post this. Its down and dirty. It will possibly ruffle some feathers. Statistically it is a reality and we each get to decide if this describes us or are we going to be the exception to the rule(s).

If you are like most of us here on UGM you are looking to improve yourself in some fashion or reach a goal through the use of performance enhancing drugs. And just like most of us you will most likely fail to reach your goals through the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Here is why -

  1. You are looking for a shortcut because you lack discipline.

  2. You do not know what you really want to accomplish.

  3. You lack the focus required to be better than you are right now.

  4. You have insufficient reasons to use performance enhancing drugs.

  5. You are distracted easily and will be distracted by the next big idea.

  6. You lack a belief in yourself and/or in your goal.

  7. You possess insufficient knowledge and lack the patience to gain the required knowledge.

  8. You lack the time required and money needed to do it right.

  9. You lack the energy needed and will give into your bodies demands.

  10. Inadequate or insufficient support.

Very few individuals are the exception to the above. The reason why elite athletes are elite is because there are so few people like them. So few people have what it takes to achieve their goals and become elite in their own right.

Those are the facts why most will fail and you get to decide what you are going to do about it.



A number of them fit me, sad to say


Identifying your weakness is a good thing @John. The really cool thing is that you get to make the decision to keep doing what your doing or make a change.

We all fall somewhere in at least one of those things…so don’t be to hard on yourself.

If you decide to make a change you know where to find me if you need any advice or help. As a made Marine I guarantee you can accomplish anything that you choose to set your mind to.

I will never be the next Frank Zane but I can commit to being the best ‘me’ I can be.

  1. Addiction to video games lol


I struggle with how much effort I want to put it, and money…I need to keep it light and fun not make myself miserable to, I am not a professional, don’t do it for a living, so why make myself miserable eating all fucking day , when this is only a hobby? Or when bow opens up by me,(sept 8th Incase u were wondering), working out takes a backseat to hunting and fishing. I always wanted to be 200 lbs, I’m there, so now what, am I content to stay at 200, am I a lazy piece a shit,who has no motivation to further his weight gains??? Everything/everyone in my life is consistent, EXCEPT me, I am on again, off again with a lot of things, (EXCLUDING HUNTING) in my life. And like you said @SemperFi it’s my decision, pull the trigger right Top


Sometimes we need things told to us straight forward without cutting corners. That’s exactly what this post brings to the table. Love it bro :muscle: