Why is everyone suddenly using TNE?


Lol oh lord lol


I don’t think that it’s needed for a good workout because when I think about it I work out 90% of the time without any type of compound to help with the workout. I do believe though that when you’re running any type of compound weather it’s a pwo or a long Ester compound you are getting a better workout as long as you’re giving it you’re all. I do have a mentality where when I’m running a cycle I definitely put in a harder workout then I would on any regular day. I believe that it’s just a placebo effect from me knowing that I’m running a substance that will enhance my workout.


My sponsor just added it to his list and gave me 3 bottles to try out! UG is awesome like that anyways i have never run it before and i have fallen in love with the insta-aggression at gym gives me the psyche to absolute crush the muscle im doing that day plus after 20 years of cycling gains arent even close to back in the day when i was a newbie so ill take anything to help give me an edge or push me to new limits i have yet to reach. So far it has been amazing all the way around and just as a preworkout boost 100mgs 1 hour before gym.