Why is everyone suddenly using TNE?


I think TNE is great, but do I think a regular lifter needs it as a preworkout? No… not at all. Are you competing? Are you doing powerlifting meets? I could understand if you desperately needed wanted to hit a PR but other than that I don’t really see a need for it. Just my thoughts though. I’d like to hear what some of you more experienced guys think about this. @rnmuscle @UNITED @TrenGod @PHD


Good question bro… I’ll share why I use it and currently am. People use it for many different reasons. #1 its a new product we carry and I like to sample all of our products. #2 Being I have 10 years of cycling history I’m lucky to gain 10lbs lean muscle on a cycle, where before I could put 20lbs on with 3 bottles of test e. There comes a point in my cycles where things get stagnant and throwing in something like TNE will help keep my progression along with a boosting my drive/motivation and libido. Its nice to pin it and an hour later start feeling all primitive like :slight_smile:

Again, people use it for different reason, just wanting to share mine, sure these other vets will chime in as well.


Sorry @Islandswole I’m not one of the guys who you specifically asked to reply to the opinion of the tne post, but it seriously elevated my mood, that alone is worth it, and the pumps from the gym on it are great, sends my libido I thru the roof, which keeps the woman happy, I can get more done at the gym in less time, and I like my instant gratification, fast food, fast four wheeler, fast acting test,and I know my input don’t count for much, but here it is.


well my input is very personal Am almost 54. I have trained all my life, martial arts when i was a little boy until late teens, then i turned to bb in my country and won some shows (light weight class). Came to this country in late 90"s and competed level 3 even 4 wining my weight class only on 2 shots of sustenon a week and 10 weeks out of a show i would manage to get a little winstrol , 3 shots a week, that was all i could ever do i was always broke…in and out of rehab, always in some shelter in miami trying to get better and right in the head . i always dreamed i could become a pro bb…but i made horrible decisions in my life; finally in 2010 by the grace of God i cleaned up and i have been sober since then(almost 8 years) i never stopped training. Today life is awesome and great am in a great shape, i recently started cycling again and specially learning what i didnt before. In my mind i still have that dream…i usually eat as if i was 10 weeks out of a show, am full of passion and dedication, well disciplined…so i give it all. Today i tried TNE by first time and loved it. Is like a second chance in life to experience all I wasted before.


Guys just because I didn’t tag you in this post doesn’t mean I don’t value your opinion, I just tagged the vets that I recalled at the moment! I value any input.


Thanks for your input brother, that sounds like pretty good reasons to use it in my book.


Glad to hear you were able to turn your life around bro, we all have our demons. Who knows maybe that dream could still live on. Keep being great brother.


The only only prob I see with it, is it spoils me with the pump it gives me ya know, so at some point I’m not gonna have it and then what halfass the gym cause I’m not using the tne?? I am gonna have to cut myself off… also I dropped the amount of the sust I’m using for now because of the tne.


And I should not have taken it personal that you tagged those specific guys., I came off with a attitude,I was like well Im in love with tne and I’m gonna tell the world!


I didn’t, God did it for me. I love everything about bodybuilding, specially competition but my life has taken a different direction.


Tne did get very popular overnight ,I never understood why either


To Me TNE is test w/ no ester…? Testosterone suspension is the same , just cant be called suspension or aques suspension in oil, so its TNE. On that note, I was able to get a ton of test gel and creme like 8 years ago. WTF, i did 2% and supposed 5% from compound pharmacy. That is a topical no ester. If you apply 100grams a day of the 2%, for instance, I figured I was getting 200 mgs daily fast into the system. not knowing the exact absorption rate at the time I just took a bath in the stuff and I got good results and more side effects then ever. My stupidity but cheap and plenriful = use more in earlier times!:grin: All of these have to be pretty much the same. If you use a base every day, every 12 hours, you should get a stable blood level and expected results. The abuse I speak of ended years ago, so dont do that dosing:roll_eyes: So, is it new? Aquaes Test at 50-100 per day was a staple for contest prep in late 80s , early 90s. The Steris brand for the old geezers! Ive been wrong more than ive been right, and Im good with that…is there a difference? Arent they all test “base”? There was another effective "BASE’ in the 80s…someone take the keyboard!


I actually don’t use tne but I use nandrolone base.
It gives my joints that lubricated feel and all the pain I have to deal with goes away.
It also just usually boosts the nandro im already running which then makes my body very good at using the fuel and gives a very high nitrogen boost.
I was into trying tne but never did because I get bad sides from test so I try not to over due it.
You even have tren base now and I actually have a couple of vials of methenolone base. Im going to be using 25mg nandrolone base and 25mg methenolone base before workouts next cycle.
You know everyone is really just looking for the extra edge to add in to get farther.


I can’t help it. Don’t trust the phrase “cooking up some base for my preworkout”


I use it pretty often, and too be honest its become a habit forming crutch. It does make for some great workouts… but my workouts should be great without TNE. Time for me to kick that habit.

I also tried tren base, 50 mg gave me some mental boost followed by a headache


Thanks for the input bro, definitely makes sense.


Glad to hear it man.


Thanks for the input bro


That’s interesting bro, do you ever feel like you almost need those to get a good workout?


I completely agree bro, I think it would be easy to pretty much become dependent on TNE as a preworkout in order to get a good workout in but then again it’s the same as how some guys stop training hard once their off cycle. Thats where dedication kicks in