Who's Your Favorite BodyBuilder


Who would you guys say are your favorite Bodybuilder physiques ever? Here are top 5…

  1. Frank Zane
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. Shawn Ray
  4. Flex Wheeler
  5. Mike Mentzer

…all of mind are old school guys.


1 Lee Labrada
2 Frank Zane
3 Franco Columbo
4 Arnold Schwarzenegger
5 Sean Ray


Arnold is obviously numero uno but Jim Stopanni and seth feroce are 2 of my other favorites.


Big Lou and Lee Haney were always up there too.


lee preist.dorian


Haney…way in front. Then Ray, 93-94 Newman, a couple universe guys, the best bob paris 86? , lee priest , tough one. Mendenhall was great but never a pro , mike Christian should never of beat him in 85.