Who would you like to look like?


You guessed it I’ve got today off to help relieve the stress, so lets have some fun around here

What kind of physique would you like to look like?

Someone pro status, someone you know personally or even someone on the forum?

I personally always liked Frank Zane’s physique.


yea Zane is a old skool pro, my one Flex Wheller


1-Lee Labrada
2-Frank Zane


… but when Flex has been on top at the same time Dorian smashed everyone at that time . Yea Lebrada good one the same generation like Dorian and Flex. All of them competed each other :slight_smile:


Not to sound like a punkass but I want to look like myself, of course I want to keep improving, but I’ve never wanted to be “like” anybody, I never grew up wanting to idolize anyone, so that’s my two cents


I am a marine, my dad was in the army, I never wanted to be either, it just happened one day


for me Flex was just idol from 90’. almost whole my life I train Judo so my proper like person in priv life and sportsmen is Toshihigo Koga,. @Pastor your father had Judo Black Belt so suppose to know him


Awesome olimpic champion…if we are gonna go that way I feel deep admiration for Chuck Norris and Bill Wallace


C’mon man…you’ve had to have looked at someone’s physique and said…‘that dude looks awesome’…Richard Simmons perhaps…lol.


Right here…


I’m not into all the people you guys talk about never heard of them, yes I see people and think dam their huge but I don’t think man I would love to look like them, mainly I know I don’t want to dedicate that much time n money to look like that, gym is not my number 1 priority for me, hunting/ fishing and my family come before gym. I know everyone’s family is priority, but I brought it up cause my sister is in jail n I have custody of her 4 yr old so she kinda gets in the way of things


How about maybe when I watch fights on tv and someone is truely skilled with his fists/feet I do say man I wish I had his skills!!




i want to look like @Fitraver !! seriously…like that physique…would be ideal…and if i was to compete just curious…what catagory would that be in? at that physique??..is it light weight classic? but as we all do…once we get there and see how good we look and feel…then we want to put a lil more edge to things…but right now once i get to fitraver’s physique i would feel i have arrived! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Excellent answer


I think Dorian brought mass to a whole new level yet still looked amazing on stage! Plus the whole mystique and that trained in a dungeon just fkn awesome dude and strong as an MF!!!


Damn thats flattering @fitstudboi. I appreciate that. Plenty of physiques way WAY better than mine tho. :slight_smile:


Aww play along…just look like not be…these kinda of questions cover everything. Money covered, health covered etc, etc. Its like what car would u want. I could care less but if someone took me to a lot and said here…this key starts any of them. Lifetime warranty, etc.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: u are soo fun! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


i preffer tangible role models…those that u see doing it…and putting the time in and see how they have transformed. and able to follow…your physique happen to be an example of what i would like to get too…we know that there is… what we consider…better…we are our own worst critic :grinning: