Who to contact for all situations including verification of sponsors


In all honesty the situation about mobile, laptop, and app differences are being looked into as are many more.
I can understand that you guys might not have been told that @Bigmurph and @TrenGod are always hard at work fixing issues or bugs or even suggestions that members bring forward but this always happens behind the scenes.We actually ask that if you have an idea or have found something that isn’t working correctly or even something that you would just like to see happen at ugmuscle.com. Contact me in a pm or just tag me @Bigmurph in the post.
I have before a couple of times explained this but I can understand if someone hasn’t ever seen it because we have alot of activity.

@Bigmurph is for anything related to sponsors or any board issues meaning bugs ideas or even sponsors that you would like to see come to ugmuscle.com. In all reality anything you can contact me about ANYTHING!!! The caps are not because im mad or frustrated please don’t take it that way im just trying to let everyone know that I manage the day to day operations of ugmuscle.com and Anabolicdevelopment.com so if you ever have anything that you want to share you are more than welcome to write me a pm or contact me at [email protected] this is extremely encouraged.

Please don’t involve @SemperFi about these types of things he already has a ton on his plate and these types of things are just not his department. He is 100% here to help everyone and does an amazing job that I can’t thank him enough for trust me he isn’t getting paid for what he does he just cares alot about helping people and has love for this community.

@TrenGod should really never be contacted unless you have already contacted @Bigmurph he is an extremely busy man and just like @SemperFi cares more than you could ever imagine about this community and im talking about the members. So before contacting @TrenGod please contact @Bigmurph first and if it is something that he needs to be informed about I will invite him into the pm or just contact him myself to get you the answers or to present your ideas and opinions.

So just a recap if you have a question about a forum or posting issue or how to go about posting something correctly you can contact @SemperFi this is his department and I and @TrenGod have given him full control of the forums. If for any reason you feel that @SemperFi has treated you unfairly contact @Bigmurph but im going to stress about this that if you come to me to try and discredit or make our super moderator seem like he is doing something wrong you better come with strong evidence to back this up. I don’t want to receive a message that you don’t like @SemperFi. I do 100% believe that if you have been treated unfairly in your opinion please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime and we will get everything sorted out easily.

I don’t want what im writing to be taken negatively we truly do encourage that you speak your voice good or bad. We are uncensored but as you know we have community guidelines that have to be followed and they are now being enforced with a big hammer. I understand that mistakes happen and we are all super flexible and are not looking to ban anyone like other forums do. We want you to be able to speak freely and help us mold ugmuscle.com into the best forum that there is and will ever be.

If you have any issue with ANYTHING again just trying to stress anything you can contact @Bigmurph. Also any @Verifed_Sponsor or anyone looking to become a verified sponsor at ugmuscle.com should only contact @Bigmurph.

Thanks to everyone for reading this I know that it is a long read but I want everyone to know the steps to take and who to contact.

Suggestion for mobile UGM

It wasn’t to long of a read brother, and a great reminder, a huge thanks to all you guys.


If this becomes the case I have tissues for anybody and everybody. High quality, three-ply tissues. Not those cheap knock off brands.:cry:

Seriously… I have thick skin and dig constructive criticism but be aware I take my responsibilities very seriously. Anything and everything that I do as a moderator is with the intention of benefiting the membership as a whole without bias or favorites. You may not like me but I guarantee I will moderate this forum for the benefit of all members.

From me, all the way to the top, no one on staff at ugmuscle.com can or will be bought. As much as we all want to see ugmuscle.com grow we will NOT do it at the expense of our integrity or the principals that ugmuscle.com is founded on.

Trust me when I say if this was ever an issue I would be the first to step down.


This is a very simple and basic structure of a functioning and outstanding community…chain of command fellas!



Makes me appreciate what we have here even more! We are all lucky to have an amazing place like UGM that has such amazing members and staff like @SemperFi, @TrenGod, and @Bigmurph that put so much work and effort into making it such a special place to be part of! All of my respect goes to these dudes for all they do and to all my brothers and sisters here at UGM! Lets make 2019 the year we achieve our own greatness personally as well as a whole at this kick ass forum :muscle:t2::metal:t2:


I have had conversations with all three of you and I just do not see how someone would bitch about any of you or have anything negative to say. From my experience you have all been extremely helpful and each of you have represented yourselves and this forum with the utmost respect. Keep up the good work!


Thanks brother those are really kind words and I really appreciate it.