Which compound would you choose?


Ok guys so I got a lil over a month till my photo shoot on June 21st. Need to look the best I can. In the midst of a cut. Diet is on point. Currently I’m on 525 Tren A, 525 Mast P, and 350 Test Prop, 4iu GH. So I wanna throw an oral in, I’m not sure if it would be beneficial to use Winstrol, with the Mast in I’m thinking I should let the Mast run it’s course. I’m on the fence with Proviron to kinda give my other compounds a turbo boost. Idk what you guys think, Winstrol? Proviron? Also ten days out I’m gonna throw some Sdrol in to fill me out just FYI.


Honestly I would stick with just the sdrol rather than use 2 orals.
Proviron isn’t necessary because you are already running the masteron.
Winstrol is a option but are you trying to get shredded or are you looking to add mass?


I know I can’t add to much more mass in such a short period of time, basically really shredding out, need to achieve the hard grainy look


Are you into using clen or ephedrine?
Really peel off all the fat and get your bf% down.

PHD would know better or anyone who competes. They know the compounds that can get you really grainy before the photo shoot.


I love me some superD, I would thrown in proviron


I might grab some bronkaid this weekend, I’m already sitting at a true 9-10%, I feel like I really need to get rid of some water though. Not gonna use diaretics either, tried them 6 years ago and just wasnt a fan of em


I think winny will look great. For whatever reason injectable winny makes me look better than oral. It’s fucking painful but it works.


Get the primatine its ephedrine hcl
Bronkaid is ephedrine sulfate
The hcl works much better for burning fat


Thanks for the heads up


Well it depends on how important your health is to you or not. I think what you’re running is plenty if your diet is really dialed in bro. @phd @rnmuscle you two are used to running protocols, what do you guys think?


I’d stay clear of super drol can throw a lot of water on you. I’d add 50mg proviron in and add winny I’m at 50mg also. Do oral instead of injectable not worth the pain it causes.

Play with food intake to fill out no need in super drol. When your lean it’s amazing what manipulating food and water will do


See he said proviron first


I’ve been playing around with sodium and carb intakes. I’ll do moderate sodium with lower carbs 2 days then go higher carb with low sodium for a day with surplus water intake. It’s been keeping me from getting flat but still pulling water subq. 1 Week out I’ll deplete carbs and day of shoot I’ll push carbs in.


Leave sodium the same or high. That’s a big misconception people think they need to drop sodium I never drop sodium it keeps you full.


Good call @John


Ha ha thanks like I know shit, but I’m sure winny works, just not for me.


Hey @Bigmurph so I grabbed some primatene last night. I’m thinking of doing an EC stack, I’m allergic to asprin so thats a no go. What do you think about 25mg ephedrine/ 200mg caffeine twice a day, sound about right? Don’t wanna take to much to where it affects my appetite. I’m thinking maybe just run it 2 weeks and hopefully it will get me down to 8% bf.


Man I’m gonna be honest here, part of my biggest problem with our community, as whole not UGM, is that we don’t take enough time to protect our hearts and we rely on pharmaceutical grade drugs that often damage the heart. I feel like ECA stacks are far more dangerous than people realize when we are using AAS at supra physiological levels. A combination of something like Lean AF (from Dynamic Evolutions) combined with another herbal like Team Alpha 6 Yohimbine could achieve the same results. Sure they are more expensive but what’s your heart health worth? I have a client that is currently using this combination for the last week and has had some pretty awesome results in just a week. I have him taking 3 doses of the Lean AF split to 1 pill every 4 hours then 1 Alpha Yohimbine in the AM with the Lean AF and 1 in the PM with his last dose of Lean AF for the day.


Well what’s so great about the ingredients of lean AF?


Is it all natural or something?