Where can I buy good Supplements


I want to restock my supplementation powders for the next few months . I’m looking to get unflavored Amino acids, carbohydrate powders, and other good supplements. Who’s got the best supplements but not expensive


@PHD has a solid company that offers a discount to ugmuscle.com members.
I would recommend asking him about this.


“Bulk supplements” on amazon is my go to.


I use nutricost Tudca,Taurine from Amazon
I don’t use much else except glucosamine


I only use a carb shake on slin injection days. But I agree , tudca is good. @PHD where would you suggest I should go for good powder supps?


I don’t think @PHD line has just powders bro. They have premade products with the individual powders together. You’re gunna need to order from a bulk line.


@Fitraver bro Bulk supplements has a awesome selection and pricing. Thank you


I make all my own from the base powders. My favorite intra shake is beet root , 40g unflavored carb powder , hyaluronic acid, Gatorade powder. Great pumps and I dont shit the bed. Also add creatine


I make my own too. They’re awesome. Glad to help.


Hey bro yes we have stuff already made. If you’re looking for bulk stuff check out true nutrtion. If you want to look at our products here’s the link

FAM25 is discount code


The Loaded AF and Vaso6X are clinical doses and legit @Jstan.

Check out my review here-

Bulk Supps is a great company as well.


Checking it out now guys thank you very much .


Thank you @Bigmurph i forgot about this post.