When you SHOULDN'T use AAS imho


First - if your new to this and you dont get through this whole list, put down the vial, the needle and walk away. You lack the initiative to even get started

  1. Your under 25 (ish). Your natty test is still likely high, and you probably still have room to grow. You may not have spent the time reaching your natural limit, which is the best time to consider a boost. Choice is yours tho! This varies from person to person, but is a pretty good general rule. If you’re a teen, dont even think about it. Why would you? Your likely jacked on natty test right now! Use it!

  2. You dont know what your doing with the actual steroids , hgh, slin, pct stuff etc. You have no real knowledge of each compound, proper dosing, side effects etc. This can lead to more problems than good. An intimate knowledge of anything you put in your body should be common sense! That goes for PCT too. And these should only be used once you have the 3 major foundations down (see 4,5,6)

  3. You havent trained for at least a couple years. Just ask the guys who start training, jump onto a cycle, get huge and tear a tendon in half. Steroids grow muscle. Not tendons or connective tissue. One of the most common reasons for injury is huge strong muscles overpower tendons - try this if you want to feel some hefty pain. I made this mistake. You dont want to tear a tendon or muscle cause you didnt take the time to develope your connective tissue or your nervous system. Yes, these other 2 guys are VERY important to muscle growth and avoiding injury.

  4. You dont know how to eat. This is the first of the 3 major foundations. Lifting without fuel is very foolish, you cant build a house without bricks (protein) or mortar (carbs, fat). The right foods, in the right proportions, at the right time. Understanding macro nutrients, calories, your BMR, how to gain, how to lose, micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) and supplements is pretty much at the top of the list in importance. Without this, quit now. Your wasting your time.

  5. You dont know how to lift, the second foundation. Proper training is essential for the fastest growth. Knowing your lifting is a necessity, and helps you get the fastest gains in the shortest time and stay injury free. How much would it suck if you were halfway through a cycle, ripping your shirts, and you blow your back with an improper squat? It sucks lots.

  6. You dont know how to rest, the third foundation. The most common failure for us guys tryin to get huge is overtraining. Yes you can overtrain on AAS. I know i know… we want it NOW not later! A little knowledge in basic human biology is a must here - you grow OUTSIDE the gym, damage muscle INSIDE the gym. Proper rest periods and sleep patterns will aid your growth so much, as opposed to overtraining and stunting yourself… a very easy line to cross.

  7. You lack discipline. In order to learn all this, you need to get it done and stick with it. That goes for all of it - diet, training, rest, cycling and everything in between. Why put your body through all this without getting the most out of it. Messing with your endocrine system can be some serious stuff, and there are consequenses. If you dont have the time to dig in and learn, you could waste your time and end up more out of shape then you started, or worse, you could get hurt.

  8. You lack the mental stability to handle the sides. Physical and mental side effects vary from person to person, and usually increase as doses increase. Physical sides can range from water retention to more serious conditions like gyno or high blood pressure. Mental sides can be something like increased libido (not so bad) to increased temper. If you cant overcome sides either mentally or physically, you may not be fit to use.

  9. When you get all the above information right, know it front and back and can put it into practice, you just might be ready… BUT… make sure you get good quality AAS, dont mess with garbage. This can be a challenge, especially lately, but put the time in! You dont want something fake for a ton of $$$, or worse, an abcess! Be very aware of your sources, make sure they are tried and true. Beware of online “pharms” and all that BS. Even some reputable onliners are selective scammers. Be very cautious, take your time, and get good gear and pct stuff!

  10. You didnt take the time to read this list 2x

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