When was your first Tren Cycle?


Just as title implies, I’m curious what number cycle was your first tren cycle? Also, what kind of tren did you run?

I’ve yet to run one, and don’t know that I will for a few more cycles still but wondering when you guys first did. I was reading up on tren hex which sounds pretty badass and it made me wonder. Seems like it was a good one for a first time tren tun, but also seem like it’s not very common these days.


Never ran one and my opinion on tren is its a compound that only should be used if you get paid for the way you look or compete. Other than that there are many other options that you can achieve your goals with that are no where near as bad for you


I know you at least wanna try it once and see what it’s like tho haha


@TrenGod your name makes oubobliged to comment haha


I have honestly come close even with my stance on it because lets be honest its fucking amazing results.
Then i read the things guys are writing while running a cycle and that makes me know that it definitely isn’t for me


I feel you. I honestly think what scares me the most is being in a relationship. If I was single, I’d be all about giving it a go. Haha


I had been running cycles of NPP for a year preceding Tren. It’s been a while but I’m sure I was on or about my 6th cycle. For obvious reasons, I ran the acetate. I really appreciated the gains, my significant other did not appreciate the “Bitch” he says I became. The first run of it, I have to say my moods was temperamental at best. I had to learn to control the compound–for lack of better analogy. With each subsequent cycle of it, I was a bit more tolerable… nonchalant…but tolerable. He did ask me to never run it again. That’s not going to happen, although, I did agree to only cycle it precontest if I am going to do so. That way, we can be bitches together! He competes as well and is quite an ass precontest.


Some guys would probably be happy to know it has he same effect on chicks haha. What kinda dose did you run?


Lol. I ran 150mg weekly on my last cycle of it. :grin:


Niiiice :slight_smile: I honestly think I’d start really low as well (well for a guy I mean) haha


:joy::joy:. I would say absolutely start low to see how you respond. Have you run a 19-nor before? Most suggest trying the class out before popping the Tren cherry. I really like the versatility of NPP and chose it as the base of the majority of my cycles ( except when running tren of course).


Second cycle used pellets and dmso had fantastic results,then learned how to convert and brew seemed like I used it for every cycle I did for two years ,I have yet to find a tren that was as good as my componet th


During my first cycle, about 4 months ago I decided to try tren Ace at 75 mg EOD …by the second week my sleep was really messed up, so I stopped; I will never touch it again


Second cycle in. Did no research, didn’t ask a thing about from the guy, buddy a mine ran it with me, along with deca n test e, we looked great, but what it boils down to in most aspects of my life, is the bad outweighing the good and it was, it made my Iraq dreams absolutely, horrible. I was sleep walking doing weird shit while sleep walking, and was treating my girlfriend like trash,so I stopped it and will ever do it again.


I love it! Memory lane…First it was just crushing the pellets and doing a sublingual slurry…nasty dmso…takes all the bacteria and dirt into your body too! I had done negma amps before but I had no idea at first that this was the same …roughly. We were seriously thinking at the time about getting the pellet implanter gun. At the time , your research was fucked. There was rumors about ralgrow and synovet in bbers. I mean it was the same people who obtained winstrol v and finiject/jet , that would suggest that stuff. The "track had a lot of stuff im glad i didnt try but guys did, injectable aminos, etc. I look back and wonder ,after all the weird shit that I was privy to, that I ever stayed around bbing. Hindsight 20/20, im just lucky I was always the youngest one in the little subculture. a few veterans at the time had some morals left, to “protect the college kid” when they were in their 30s.