When to stop Aromasin


Crayon---- SIMULATES :wink:
imitate the appearance or character of.
“red ocher intended to simulate blood”
synonyms: imitate, reproduce, replicate, duplicate, mimic


That’s exactly what I just said lmao. I said it SIMULATES … it doesn’t STIMULATE


And a synonym of simulate is mimic.

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Oh shit I’m on my phone, you could’ve just said mimics bro I didn’t read it right & I’m sure others might get confused as well


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You’re right though mf’rs are too lazy to read an entire thread to learn the ins and outs lol.


Not trying to confuse others lol, & @Berserker you should edit where you said it produces LH & FSH to avoid having anyone reading this in the future from getting confused lol


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My Aromasin are in capsule form so I can’t really do a half dose. What would you recommend for tapering down? Maybe go from 12.5 eod to 12.5 e3d?


Alot of great information here.
I will just add what I believe. I don’t believe that you will need hcg. It is a tool that can be used for this and that.
I believe that with your pct and time is what will bring back your natural function.
Aromasin being used throughout pct is something ive seen guys argue to the end especially a guy named KAPSIZE he was very informative and he used aromasin straight through to control his estrogen and because of the positive effects on igf. Nolvadex has negative effects on igf so he would always argue that it should be used throughout.
I don’t believe in this because if I use aromasin through pct I will crash my estrogen levels leaving me feeling worse than I would already feel during pct. So it never went well for me.
If you’re using hcg as was suggested I would need aromasin because it spikes my estrogen levels.
First cycle to keep it simple I would run aromasin until my pct meaning the 2wk from last pin and then jump on the nolvadex and clomiphene.
If you’re levels were strong before your cycle the clomiphene should get the job done especially with nolvadex added in.