When to stop Aromasin


So I’m at the end of my first cycle. I am running 600mg of test-e per week split and 50mg of Anavar Ed. I take Aromasin 12.5 eod too. My question is when do I stop taking the Aromasin if my last pin is tomorrow? Do I keep it up until I start PCT (2 weeks)? FYI PCT is nolva and clomid.


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When I used to cycle, I found it was best practice to keep running Aromasin all the way through PCT. Aromasin is much easier on the body and the taper intervals are easier too compared to Arimadex.
The point of the PCT is to reregulate the bodies natural test production and maintain healthy estrogen levels along the process. That said, your exogenous testosterone will begin to fall as you come off of it. As a result, your estrogen levels will begin to rise little by little. Even as your test drops though, the exogenous testosterone will still continue to aromatise. The Aromasin during PCT basically creates a parachute for the exogenous test to drop at a slower rate and continue to inhibit the test from aromatising thus controlling the slight increase in estrogen. It’s a fine balancing act to keep homeostasis and allow your natural test production to rise to their natural levels. I would advise for a taper of the Aromasin or there’s a strong possibility you’ll crash your estrogen. Stay at 12.5 eod from the last pin through the 10 or 12 days bridge to PCT. Keep the same dose for the first 2 weeks then go to 6.25 eod for the 3rd week then only take one 6.25 dose the last week. That always worked best for me in the past as well as many others I’ve given the same advice to.
What doses are your nolvadex and your clomid?


@Berserker _ Weeks 1&2 100mgs of Clomiphene 40mg Nolvadex per day split morning and night Week 3&4:50mgs of Clomiphene 20mg Nolvadex per day split, except I can’t split the Nolvadex that I have… They are 20mg caps.


Honestly you dont need that much clomid bro. 50/50/25/25 is plenty.


Also have you considered HCG for a bridge to PCT? It’s like jumper cables for you LH and FSH production


Would you explain that more?


Two very well written articles to understanding HCG that might help you @MuscleGod. Some of it is author opinion based but worth reading.


To keep it simple, LH (leutinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) are the chemical secretions that trigger the testes to produce testosterone naturally in the body. As you begin to use exogenous testosterone, the body is signaled that there is enough test and thus the production of LH and FSH stop and your testes stop producing testosterone. HCG mimics LH and FSH therefore tricking the body into natural testosterone production. If you start HCG at 250iu EOD from your last pin up to the start of your PCT then your body has been triggered to produce it’s own testosterone again. Combine that with your other PCT meds and you are on your way to a much faster recovery. You could potentially and effectively cut off the recovery time by 2 to 4 weeks. So around 6 to 8 weeks vs 10 to 12 weeks.


Many do and have used HCG throughout the entire cycle and cease use upon PCT. Some could argue that this causes confusion, the late Rich Piana for one, but I disagree with that because it is a natural on/off switch trigger and the body is very efficient in recognizing those signals. Every medical professional I have discussed this with has agreed with me.

I used HCG continuously on cycle and on TRT for several years.


I use HCG on my cycles. 250iu eod for 4 weeks then off for 4 weeks then back on for 4 weeks. I’m also on TRT so during TRT I use 250iu M/W/F for 6 week time frame. In his case though, since he hasn’t been using HCG already, it would be best imo to bridge his cycle and PCT with it.

Also to note, HCG does aromatise so make sure you stay on your AI the entire time


Good point to be aware of @Berserker

To carify… HCG itself does not aromatize. It promotes acute amortization because of the increased testosterone production.


I was told that with it being my first cycle, I wouldn’t need hcg. Was that incorrect? I also read it on a few other sites. That’s good news about the clomid… The less I have to take, the better.


@neme it is a personal choice. The ‘need’ is subjective. Testicular atrophy does not happen overnight and most individuals use HCG for that purpose. The information that @Berserker was sharing is based on his experience and suggestion about helping jump start your natural production of testosterone pre-PCT. The advice has good merit but ‘need’ would be your decision.


@Berserker @SemperFi thanks for the articles but I know what exacty is HCG & how it works! I was asking @Berserker what he said because I didn’t get what he was trying to say, also @Berserker you are incorrect about HCG producing LH & FSH. hCG only mimics them & signals the testis to pump natty test. & whoever uses hCG during PCT that’s definitely not the best thing to do, use during cycle or a few weeks after starting, that’s the best method to avoid shutdown from the first place! If its too late then use after last pin & stop the day you start PCT clomid nolva etc


Yeah I could have worded that better. @SemperFi

@MuscleGod Semper is correct. The “need” is subjective. I recommend it not because of testicular atrophy but for the benefit of aiding in a “jump start” of your HPTA to begin producing testosterone more quickly. Your test levels will eventually level out and resume normal levels regardless of what you do. The difference is how long it can take. Hence PCT in the first place.


What I said was that HCG causes the production of LH and FSH not that it creates it. I just wanted to clarify that for those that may read this conversation later and I don’t want any confusion.


Man, TRT has some great advantages for some of us! :wink:


Yea still wrong, exact opposite of what you said


I was confused for a minute there but I see what you’re saying now. You’re right, obviously…

Clarification: HCG simulates LH and FSH it does not stimulate LH and FSH production.