What's your TSH? Care to share?


I did not get that impression from his posts but since you have a better insight into his thinking I can answer you directly…

…Studies have shown negative effects of anabolic steroids on thyroid function.

We are playing a calculated game with our endocrine system and it is a very complex system of actions and reactions.

I have learned that it is best to be completely honest with my medical professional to receive the best level of care that they can provide.


Seems like we got a lot of “online doctors with a lot of online opinions”. Someone says this, the other person says that, one says that don’t work, the other says, well it worked for me, well go fucking figure I guess


That’s great your in medical field. Finding a good doctor is key but hard and slim to come by. Especially when diagnosed with something so big such as cancer you really don’t have time to fiddle with time. Time is of the essence in that case. When diagnosed for the first time alot runs through your mind and you ask what you can remember. My father survived, i don’t think it was because of surgery or the radiation. I think it’s because of the research we did. Changed his diet, and doing other natural or holistic remedies. Not all doctors believe in that. So finding one that will allow traditional medicine and holistic is even harder.!!!


Josh is always honest with his doctors. In this case he did not inform his new pcp but he will. We threw alot at him for his first visit.

Thank you for that info, I’m sure that will help josh


John, isn’t that the same with “real” doctors as well?

They put you on this and that because it worked well for their other patients? You may go back and say hey this isn’t working for me, or im not liking the feeling i get, etc… then they keep switching medicine until they find the correct one.

You maybe correct with your statement of online doctors but it’s the same for real doctors.

Everybody reacts to things differently. You and i maybe on the same prescribed medicine but you may have more of the harsher side effects as i may not have any at all. Or it may work for me but not for at all.


Your right mommie, it’s all relevant


I completely misunderstood your post and my responses were merely designed to set you at ease if you were worried about having a thyroid issue.

I am just the type of person who doesn’t play with someones health by speculating and I don’t worry about health related issues myself until I have something to worry about. :wink:


I know all to well the effects of chemo and radiation. :wink: Glad to know your father is a member of the survivors club.