What's your TSH? Care to share?


Just came back from my "new " PCP, and I learned alot from this guy tonight! As always with a new doctor im very cautious about his/ her response to very specific questions… I had bloodwork done tonight that I won’t know much about till next week based on what I felt this doctor should know!
What the doctor did catch was my TSH from bloodwork that I had done in MAY… (believe it or not I get bloodwork done alot! And im pretty good at getting insurance to pay for it)
So im curious if anybody is interested in posting what your current TSH is?

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This is mine from may


I try not to read too much into TSH levels, as it honestly doesn’t say much. Before diagnosing or telling someone their levels aren’t “normal” doctors typically run free t4 and t3 tests as well as clinical evaluations. Glad to see you’re learning as much as possible though brother. Edit: I hope no one takes this as me giving him medical advice. As I do agree, finding a good specialist is key.


I am bro, and it catches my curiosity how many members actually get involved in their bloodwork? I know doctors will tell you one thing and if you challenge their decision it raises a whole new topic!


My tsh is very low. Almost non existent but that’s because I’m on synthetic t3/t4 andthat’s what happens when you are.


As I learn new things im wondering if I should follow my doctor’s orders when the new results come back next week… im expecting my results to come back lower than normal range(below .34 range) this new pcp is unaware of aas as my last doctor was aware of it


Well for what’s it worth when it comes to thyroid you should listen to your specialist on it. It’s a fickle beast and I guarantee you can fuck stuff up big time if you try to take t3/t4 on your own. I’m on the stuff for life man and it took me months to get it in line finally. It sucks ass and affects a ton in your body. Not something to experiment with. Only take it if your doc says you need it and go on his advice.


No no no. Im not taking anything on my own… im looking for opinions, advice… im on the low end of “normal” but doc is interested in looking further into it based on blood from may! I don’t want to start fucking with t3/t4… I had blood done tonight to see if it’s changed!

It wasn’t a blood donation but I had enough blood taken that it could be considered life saving​:grin::grin::grin:


Take the advice of your healthcare professional once the results come in from your recent test. If you don’t have confidence in their medical opinion don’t hesitate to get a second opinion from another healthcare professional.


Spoken like a champ semperfi, if you noticed I said in this thread “new” PCP. I don’t take bs from doctors that I feel are feeding me bs… im not a doctor but I feel confident in a conversation about my body and if I feel your not listening I don’t need your advice!


@mommie2008 you were at the appointment…I would like for you to share your position!


Yea… the last place I am going to go about a potentially serious medical condition is an online forum and at the same time I would get as much medical advice as possible. Treatment might end up being the best alternative but if I was in your situation I would like to know if there is a underlying problem.

Normally a complete blood panel can show a link or possibly underlying conditions that are undisclosed so relying on someone who is not medically qualified isn’t a very smart course of action.

See what your doc advises and then weigh if that course of action makes sense. Doctors are not the enemy nor are they idiots like we like to play them out to be. Sometimes they know the exact most effective course of treatment.

There is nothing to be alarmed about until you have all the information.


I think you misunderstood me or misunderstand me on the way I post things! First off I am going to take a medical doctor’s advice over “bro science”, 2nd off I came and posted something that might intrigue other members… (as a topic of discussion) if im at all wrong then delete my post!


Yes i was there. So my perspective on doctors in general…

Doctors are not like what they were back in the good ol days, were they actually cared about your wellbeing. Very very rare will you find one that is and that will actually listen to you. We have been lucky to have found 2.

Now a days they are more about the money, most only give you 15 minutes in the office. and you, yourself have to do your own research before going into see a doctor because of them just being money hungry. Most don’t disclose alot of information to you as they should. Instead they wait to see if you ask and even if you don’t they don’t bring it up. I could bring up a whole new post about this…lol

So with josh changing his pcp we found another great doctor who actually listens and cares for his patients.

As for the thyroid testing… yes josh will listen to this pcp because of how he handled the first visit today.

But i also think josh was trying to get input on this forum to see if maybe gear could throw the results off or if anyone else this same diagnosis.


Actually going to a forum could be very helpful.

If you had cancer would you just do what your doctor recommends? Typically its radiation and or chemo.

I wouldn’t. Why? Because having cancer is a money maker.

Without forums, asking others, or doing research my father wouldn’t have survived cancer.

Did you know having radiation can actually cause the cancer to spread? I didn’t know till after my father had his treatment and it did. Doctor didn’t even tell him that was a side effect.

Did you know chemo isn’t good at all and can kill you. I think most know that.

So i disagree with your statement. It can actually be beneficial


@SemperFi your reply?


@josh and @mommie2008

I agree that alot of doctors out there are garbage but I believe that @SemperFi is trying to say to find a good one and take his advice.

I personally hate 90% of the whole medical system and companies. Im very lucky to have found an amazing doctor and I actually travel to see him not to the next country but hours driving because I won’t use another doctor for anything.
Definitely take your doctors advice but of course post up a question about it on the forum but the advice you get from a doctor or a forum should always be researched a bit. I would even always recommend atleast a second opinion from another doctor before making a big medical decision.


I think I found one who is interested in what my body is doing rather than pushing medication!


I am not a medical doctor and I am not going to take the responsibility upon myself concerning another individuals health to discuss matters about a ‘potential’ thyroid condition without having all the facts.

Second… Until you have all the information from your medical provider it is pure speculation and I don’t speculate.

Other individuals can choose to and that is fine by me. But I ain’t messing with that.

Like I said, until you have all the information there is nothing to be alarmed about.


This hits home, and I agree with most of your points but I may be biased. I could start a whole different thread on this, but first and foremost finding a good cancer specialist who is willing to answer any questions you have plus raise their own questions for you is very possible. Never settle for doctors, it’s your right. If you don’t feel like the doctor is useful then make your opinion known. I do clinicals alongside some amazing specialist who have really opened my eyes on certain areas.