Whats your take on Primo?


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In my personal experience I dont see any use for Primo unless its used in a cut for a show. Dollar for dollar there are plenty of other products to take that will give better results in most cycles.

Its not some miracle drug.

Dont confuse the price/popularity of an item with results/effectiveness.

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I agree with @TrenGod primo is an excellent cutter. I only use primo during prep no need to use it during a bulk phase as I’ve seen mentioned here. It’s not a bulking compound. It’s a perfect compound for women as it’s properties aren’t harsh with very little or no sides.

The problem I see here is people think primo is a miracle drug that will add all this size. Primo is no where at all compared to EQ. Just because it’s passed off as EQ by shady sources doesn’t mean that’s what it can be and is compaired too.


So I used bm pharmaceutical primobolan I tested it 3-4x throughout my cycle and it all tested perfectly. When I say perfectly the roidtest reaction was spot on no question that it wasn’t primo.
I loved taking it by far a great compound. If you’re looking for huge gains primo isn’t something stacked with testosterone that will do that although I did get what I consider alot of solid mass that right now months after my cycle is still on me and isn’t going away. I believe that my starting weight was 202lb I leaned out to about 11-12% bf. I ran my cycle a little strange because I wanted to play around with the dosing to experience for myself if primo needed to be run at 1000mg like some say or if you can run it at 200mg.
I personally ran 800mg at the beginning and no primo doesn’t take 4-6wks as you might read to start working. I believe that it was around my 2nd week during a workout that I was finished and I didn’t even feel that I had done enough. It gave me a feeling a great feeling of wellbeing and endurance.
I have only actually felt a feeling from one other compound which was dbol but primo was completely different. I can only describe it as feeling amazing. Around wk 8-10 I actually adjusted my dosage to 600mg no change in feeling or side effects so I stuck with it at 600mg. I realized that primo is very expensive and I was getting bad androgenic side effects such as hair loss and acne horrible acne. So the whole thing that you might read about primo having no side effects is bs it is alot lighter on the body but still comes with heavy androgenic side effects.
I used 100mg/ml amps so pinning was legitimately a pain in the ass and every where else I pinned. Nothing debilitating but 2ml per shot in 100% EO wasn’t really bad. The issue was more about using so many different inj points. I had a 10 site rotation which worked out well between the testosterone enanthate and primo injections.
I honestly don’t believe that primobolan should be really expensive either. I could tell you a list of top notch brands that are between $54 and $160. If I were to order more I wouldn’t order 100mg/ml I would definitely go with 200mg/ml because the convenience of having to take half the amount of inj is well worth the extra cost if there is even an extra cost because there are always great sales on primo. So if you’re going to use it make sure that you do buy a highly respected and tested lab. We all know that primo is highly counterfeit and can also be a completely different compound if the src is a thief this is why @ROIDTEST is so important when using a compound like primobolan. I actually bought and received 10 amps of rhimobolan by Bayer that I believed were 100% legitimate until the sponsor actually told me that they were fakes even then I was questioning if they were really fakes because they looked perfect.
I see that you are considering EQ as reliable which it is a good compound but its an endurance compound compared to primo which is an endurance compound with very high nitrogen retention so they act in different ways to build muscle mass.
I could talk about primo all day because I love it. My whole physique after my cycle was amazing I haven’t looked this good since I was an athlete playing football.
If you have any specific questions I’d be happy to help with anything.


I agree with all of that information except the dosing protocol for men being 200-400mg/ml. In my experience running primo from 400-800mg a wk my sweet spot was 600mg but 400mg worked great with less side effects.


This is spot on its not a miracle compound and does have side effects


Actually if you look up Arnold’s cycle, allegedly, he would start at 600 for 6 weeks, then 800 for 6 weeks, work his way to 1000 for 4 weeks then start his taper back down to finish the cycle at 600. He would bridge his cycles with dbol and deca for 8 weeks then go back on the primo and start over again. He would stay on year round.