Whats Everyone's Sweet Tooth?


Everyone has a weak spot in sweets. Just wondering what yours might be. Mine is homemade chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough ice cream.



That looks so freaking good right now, mouth is watering, mine has always been double stuffed oreos and milk!


Cookies are the best. Unless pancakes count lol.


Blue Bell Birthday Cake Ice Cream And Pecan Spinwheels…


Those cookies looks great and tastyyyyy :hugs:


Cupcakes usually get me , but I have a strong craving I have to fight it.


For me it’s always been fruits, which doesn’t sound bad right? Except I could sit and eat 10+ apples, oranges, probably 5lbs of grapes, strawberries, a whole pineapple and still want more :joy:


Tiramisu for me.


Peanut butter m&ms. I will have them in my bag backstage for after show and I’m sure fresh baked cookies :cookie:


Any cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! Holy shit i can easily kill a whole cake by myself :yum:


Bro!!! One slice is like 1600 cals lmao a whole cake would be some people macros for the week!!! Hahahahaha @MBTJR1980


You can do better than that :joy::joy::joy:


X2 Cheese Cake. I have been experimenting with a sugar free version that is working out pretty good but it is nothing compared to The Factories.


Mike n Ike’s, Dunkin donut strawberry frosted donuts, Oreo ice cream, fruity pebbles, baklava, county jail honeybuns,homemade rice crispy treats, oatmeal raisin cookies(homemade).


@john so basically anything that contains a shit ton of sugar? LMAO


Wow you guys are dam near perfect, only one each of a sweet tooth, I have a lot of improving to do


I don’t eat like that daily, but yes a few tines a week


I am a undisciplined shitbird


BTW… I forgot to mention homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookies also.