What was your starting weight


Just a little curious to what your weight was in your high school years or prior to gear. I remember my freshman year I was 103 lbs… yep I had to set out a couple years of ball because I didn’t hit a growth spurt and didn’t want to sit on the bench. I was mvp and an all county player but I new that I wasn’t big enough to play… the later part of sophomore I hit 140 so I played junior senor year … never one 145 in school I was an all state line backer… just a single a school but I had work ethic and heart… well 20 years later 6 weeks ago I was 157… I’m now up to 163. It kinda funny because o never seen myself as being “the little guy” hell I’m 5’6 so I wont carry 200lbs very well, or at least I sont think it will lock right on me. . I do want to get in the 170ish so I’m on gear and thought I would give it a try and see where it goes… I’m not no body builder or anything just a guy that goes to the gym and I notice I work harder then the other in there… I count every calorie goes into my body I eat healthy and clean… I see my little girl wanting to do the things I do is one of the biggest reasons I take care of myself. I want her to know that a persona imagine means alot in the world we live in and that we are what we put into our body and our body reflects the time we ser aside for it… anyways just a little thought to look into tour past and think where you once was and where you are now…


I graduated high school weighing. 150 lol. Got into bodybuilding at 19. Lifted all through thigh school and played football also. Went to a small high school so I was decent for the school but nothing spectacular lol. Got up to 200 pounds and everyone at gym thought I did juice.
I started to lift with a new guy at gym and we became instant buds. He swore I did juice and I would tell him I’ve never even seen any nor knew anything of it. He obviously juiced.
We did a duet together and got super trimmed 170 I think. After summer we both bulked me natural lol.
I started to notice my gains were slow and hard so I asked him about gear. He said man don’t do it. Once you start you will never stop. So I listened. Ask a year later he said same thing. He said do this wait till your 27-28 and then we can talk. I said cool.

So about another year later I’m 27 I noticed a buddy of mine overnight just got big and my lifting buddy was the guy everyone got stiff from. I said what the fuck how’s frankie 20 pounds heavier and cut. He laughed. I said fuck this I want some juice. He gave me my shots for
My first 2 cycles as I was afraid of needles. The rest is history. I taught me the safe way to do it and not do too much.
Heaviest I’ve gottnw was 255 and I’ve competed since 2006 and I have won several shows and overalls and state titles. Placed top 5 at top national shows (pro qualifiers).


Just curious how tall are u


All of 5’8” lol


Mine won’t count…man what state(don’t tell me) that’s great. In the hotbed states, IL, Wis…Texas, Florida, Cali, and in my day the notorious east saint Louis. Fuck man everyone was over 200 and athletic. Pop warner I was 155. Youngest midget. 13, 14 wrestled 167 and 185. By 16…it was over naturally. 16 and 17 had to make weight for PL nationals at 220. Couldn’t really wrestle national or international after testing starts…185 then at 14.


West Virginia…


I was 215lbs 10-12% so pretty lean and vascular before I did my first cycle, at 6 ft on a vegetarian diet. When I hit 215, it became a struggle to grow pass that point while staying lean for about 2 years then got fed up dove into the dark side. After my first cycle I was 235-240lbs few months after the cycle with no pct I was down to 228lbs roughly 12% bf( still had visible abs and striations).