What was that methylated Tren (treselone?) That was nuts


Test message

Anyone recall that one? had to be injected in IU and was short lived but a lot of people liked it. Wondoering if anyone rmembers it.

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Wtf is this lol


Trenadrol, there were a bunch of weird ones for a minute, Its still around.


I believe that the ban in 2008 I believe might have been 2010 eliminated the rest that survived the 1998 ban.
I haven’t seen legal pro or prehormones in along time


I believe Injectable MethylTrienalone is/was making the rounds in the .mcg doses


Mtren yes ive seen that around
Very few carry it but you can find it out there


Mtren bad stuff man


Never heard of this. Sounds like something made up


Awesome words!!!