What to expect when youre expecting 😂


For every new individual who has either ran a cycle, is prepping for a cycle, or is considering whether or not to invest in PEDs. I think most of us have all weighed the pros and cons and others who have experienced them. If you’re reading this you’ve probably done some research on planning your cycle and what you’re considering running as to the compounds, esters, dosing, AI, and PCT. I’m making this thread for those who are inexperienced to get some of the other things you may not hear or read about as often as the things you come across the majority of the time (i.e. the gains/side effects). Its important for those who are inexperience to gain as much knowledge and wisdom from those who have put in the time and experimented with success as well as those who’ve been unsuccessfull.

For those who’ve commented or kept up with anything I’ve posted… I am not exactly the person to come to for guidance for many things. Not saying I am any exception to any rule. It’s even been stated before that I am the example of what shouldn’t be done. I am not above the guidelines I am just the guy who is going against the grain, pushing boundaries, and exploring my own outcome weather its successful or unsuccessful it will be my own learning experience and shouldnt be attempted or applied to any other individual. We’re kind of on our own when it comes to that, and rely on our sources for quality gear/products. Currently and at least for this cycle mine is @paramexer . As a community its our duty to try and help minimize the negatives/damage that could occur.

Personally I’ve dieted down from over 300lbs (335lbs to be exact) down to 250lbs. I incorporated small amounts of carbs back into my diet brown rice which ive only cooked 1cup uncooked and didnt consume the entirety of that over a 3 day period and through the rest away and 2 days ive consumed 1cup (uncooked) of oatmeal each time (for those who dont know already i was on a tight keto diet mainly consuming lean beef/chicken) and already after consuming the little bit of carbs I did I’ve managed to put on 10lbs which I’m sure is water weight after consuming the carbs. Which freaks me the fuck out because the scale has gone up. The same day I decided to add in the carbs I decided to pin 200mg Test C ( considering switching to sust 250 maybe to soon? Good or bad idea? I dont know this is where the experienced may be able to advise or guide me a bit) in the same pin I had Tren E 200mg. First pin was in right quad on Sunday, Second pin of the same mg on Wednesday in the left. I’ve jabbed my self with needles before for blood thinners after a surgery i had years ago and I wasnt expecting the soreness the several hours later lasting for couple of days. Needle size/length and maybe oil thickness/amount all had a part to play but nothing uncommon as far as I am aware. As far as sides or feeling anything from this, I didnt get tren cough, my cardio doesn’t seem to be effected. To soon to experience sides or benefits? I am also taking Arimidex EOD. As far as exercise Ive been burning on chest and arms so far i currently consider them my weak parts because of diminished strength from the dieting and i just need a better chest in general so its been pushups, benchpress, and dumbbell routins. Im going for volume not heavy lifting and i may keep it that way. Also trying to get in as many 10min walks in as i can, if im at the gym I’ll hop on treadmill/elliptical /stairmaster for a bit. Trying to be in bed from 8/9pm until 5am to get my rest in. Deadlifts and squats will be coming soon, but because i consider them my stronger points i wanted to give my weakest one more attention first. As far as dieting is concerned it may be a switch on and of keto/carnivore and the vertical. I feel better that I’ve incorporated the carbs but I also maintain the mindset that, that shit will put on unwanted body fat (i know isnt the case in the needed moderation and for fuel, its just something i have burned in my head).

This is where experience comes in to fill in some gaps, to shoot out some advice, and what maybe I or anyone considering should or may be experiencing or expect to experience. I encourage anyone with questions to comment below. How long do i need to take Adrol before i feel it kick in? Or How long before clen begins to work? Sides of DNP… I expect to notice the benefits, but how should i be feeling and how long before feeling the PEDs kick in? Where is the least painful place to pin? Is there a more beneficial place to pin? What are you’re preferred methods of pinning?.. you get the idea. Id like as many people to partake on this thread, especially those who are new and who have questions they may not have found answers to elsewhere.


I would try to keep off the scale for awhile. That scale could run your life and weigh heavy on your emotions which in turn will effect your progress. Personally I like to go by what I see in the mirror and how I feel. Checking your weight once a month should be beneficial enough. Like you mentioned you noticed 10 lb increase which could be just water retention, but you say you feel good reintroducing carbs so I’d run with that. As far as your pinning protocol, rotating your pinning location, possibly heating up your gear in the barrel under some running water might help with PIP, using separate needles to draw and to inject will help as well.


That’s what I’m talking about, and thank you for the advice!


There were alot of questions in there and I want to answer them all but honestly I can’t remember everything you asked.
The orals you should feel within 48hrs.

Pinning my goto is thigh and shoulder glutes also.

I don’t get pip I use 25g 1.5 or 25g 1in for ugl but I use 23g 1.5 for my pharma grade testosterone that I put in my legs just preference.

I workout now with less weight more reps because of injuries ruptured bicep, soft tissue injuries and other tendons. I can’t lift heavy anymore except with legs which can be difficult because I blew out my knee playing football tore basically everything so it acts up sometimes.

Ive done the 260 to 180 back up to 215 now around 230 because of weight gain. Dropping to 220 and hopefully finish next cycle at 220.

I don’t know if this helped or wasn’t even what you were looking for but I hope that it did.


I’m sure i long winded tho whole damn thing, but in short for myself and others debating getting on a cycle. What they may expect, things they either need to be worried about or not concerned with at all and maybe some adjustments that could be improved upon. The first thought someone is going to have when they go to pin is… shit im gonna have crazy change within a week and probably shouldn’t expect that. Myself personally after 2 pins am waiting until like the 3rd week to even care to notice something. Only noticable difference as of yet being on day five was ehh… maybe a bit more wood… but nothing crazy, and right before bed the back of my hands seemed a bit more vascular and some shit rising up on the forearms maybe from the right before bed pump (some dumbbell curls) but hardly noticeable first thing in the a.m.

How you holding up BigM? Things good?


Things are good could always be better.
Getting through an injury has set me back some but im about to get started again myself.
In all honesty I never really feel anything from gear unless it was an oral then during the workout I might feel really strong and good but never any type of high or anything.
I can always see the effects and feel side effects. I do feel really good running primo just all around good feeling and testosterone gives me just a little bit of a boost but when running any cycle your diet can really determine how you feel. If you eat clean and healthy I seem to feel better than if I were to run a dirty bulk were basically just eat anything and everything.

Holidays were good though. Great food lol
Its time for me to get back at it hard though and drop about 10-15lb then start adding in the gear and get my workout back to full blast its been basically maintenance for awhile due to the injury.

Keep pushing forward brother your pictures keep looking better and better. If you really hit the weights hard like I believe that you are you will add alot of muscle mass over your cycle that will replace bf.
Good luck and good gains brother