What to and when! preworkout


What and When to eat before a workout

Eating before you workout is crucial to maximizing your gains.

Factor out when your are able to eat before your workout and go with one of these four options to fuel yourself pre-workout.

*Eating 2 or more hours before:
This can be meal sized. Have a balanced meal made of complex carbs, a lean protein, and some healthy fat. And don’t forget to include your favorite veggies.

*Eating 1 to 2 hours before: (carbs and protein with a small amount of fat.)
This should be a snack sized portion. Have a complex carb, but nothing with high amounts of fiber like legumes, beans or starches like corn. Combine that with a protein and limit the fat.

*Eating 30 to 60 minutes before: carbs and a little bit of protein
Choose easily digestible complex carbs found in fruits. Combine these with a lean protein like yogurt or make a smoothie using milk.

*Eating less than 30 minutes: light snack of simple carbs, and minimal protein.
Simple carbs digest fast and release sugars (energy) straight into your body for useable energy and are also light on you digestive system.


Id like for the members at ugm to add input on this… debate it, agree to it? Idk add something to it!


First off where did you find this? A lot of miss information here. You want to time your meals where you have your pre workout meal or shake an hour to an hour and half before the gym. For me I like 45min to an hour.

You want simple carbs before a workout something that digests easily and not something that will bloat you or take a while to digest.

Avoid dairy products and definitely do not use milk unless you want to get fat then go ahead. Dairy products put a layer of fat on our bodies. If you’re going to eat yogurt go with freak yogurt and mix in bare naked gronolia that’s a very good snack.

Just remember keep it simple. People like to way over complicate things when there is no need in it. Embrace the suck and tren hard and eat clen lol


Glad you could get in on this @PHD … this is something I picked up at the gym! From a certified trainer! Lol… I was honestly posting this to catch somebody’s attention that had a clue… im intrigued by a debate in this topic, so thank you for responding!


Lol embrace the suck and tren hard that’s golden you put a smile on my face. Clen is always a great source of nutrition lol
Just bustin your balls lol

I agree with @PHD on this his approach is solid but what I have happen to me alot more than I like is my schedule tends to be different. So I might work out right after a 4th meal or sometimes after my 5th meal.
I can control when I eat because I have no shame and will just use my hands to shove food down but I can’t just stop everything and work out really quick. I have to be at my home gym or within range of my chain gym.
This makes it hard for me to arrange my meals to fit the timing of my work out.
The ideal way would be what phd stated.


Yes that’s perfect world. I’m same way with work. I work 10-12 hour days most days but sometimes if the machines aren’t running well guess what lol. I have to stay. I’ve worked 18 hour days and I just make do with what I have. I do for the most part get 5 meals in then my pre workout meal before gym. On long days that’s when a shake is perfect mixed with a carb source like karbylon.

Hahahaha I know you have seen that before haven’t you lol


@josh :smirk: hmmmmm you went into great detail on that one :point_up:️ lol


I did… because I had it written down! No crayons or copy and paste… just good old paper and pencil!