What the hell?...Amonia?!


so i am cardioing and sweating like a running faucet…when i notuce my hr monitor started jumpung around them went alll the way dow to 70…the close to 20…so naturally i slowed the hell down…for a second thought i died and had no clue :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:…thenit jumped back up…i snapped the band then it jumped back up to 130…forgot to mention i had dropped from 166…

so for like 10 minutes i am going through this thinking maybe i should stop…

so i reached for the rag i gave been using wioed off all the sweat and i smelled


i though what the hell?? i never smelled this before

any ways my hr went back up after i completly wiped the band and stayed got it back up to 160

but i need to look this up…even mu big towel had the amonia smell ugh!

anyone ever had that hapen?


I’ve had it happen before and I wanna say, I remember being told that it had something to do with having very few carbs in your system. Maybe low carb/high protein? Maybe someone else can chime in too.


That is weird buddy, maybe it’s all the rabbit food you eat


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: busted @Pappawlifter yes i have removed most all carbs except coffee and only eat saladswith chicken and a few brazil nuts and maybe 20 cashews for snack a couple times a day…so yes @John :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: guilty i suppose


I’m laughing


Did you try looking that situation up anywhere?



i did do a brief search but was on the run and did see those ideas and something about nitrogen…i was planning on checking if out later once i get a breather…but wanted to see if a number of people here have experienced this at one point or another


Ok brother keep me updated


When it happened to me, I immediately thought I smelled like cat piss! :joy::joy::joy:


YES! I thought the cat pissed on my rag or something cuz I have cats but I didn’t see how that was possible because they’re not allowed in the basement in my gym they never get out of it apartment so I don’t know if I wash something with it I was thinking that one of my clothing and they may have peed on for whatever reason but then I realize that that’s not that that’s coming from me :rofl::rofl:


One of the effects of a ketogenic/low carb diet is the production of acetone. It gives us bad breath and stinky sweat. Once an individual becomes adapted the production of acetone diminishes. Unfortunately most new dieters will not achieve adaptation because they are not comsuming enough fat and flip flop between ketosis and gluconeogenisis. @fitstudboi if ketosis is your goal make sure you research it thoroughly because being in gluconeogenisis in a deficit is a bad place to be for muscle preservation. In my opinion we should either be in glucogenisis or ketosis to preserve muscle while burning fat… chicken breast is not my friend on keto but a high fatty burger with bacon is… add avacodo and it is the perfect keto lunch. :wink:

Make sure you are getting in plenty of water, salt and other electrolytes. In ketosis you will not retain water, you will pee a lot, never feel bloated and are at a higher risk of dehydration.


perfect! as usual :rofl::rofl: thank you…and your collagen suggeation?? lets just say i got both u recommended…the costco one i switched to once it came in…i have not take a single pain pill since i started the batch for a week now only once i took 3 exederin pills for a head ache brought on by stressfull circumstance…other peoples issues lol!

so i will also add the beef…love avacado… i do have that. …turkey bacon? lol!! chicken is just always my go too i am surprised i am not growing feathers…though i was talking to some one and i swore a soft cottony thing flew out my mouth! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


F$/& Turkey bacon… get all the animal fat you can in every meal. Here piggy, piggy. :pig2:

And add salt freely.

Forget Jerky. Even though I love it. Eat that high fat Slim Jim instead.

Spray some avacado or MCT oil on that salad. Add in one or two hard boiled eggs and high fat dressing… Now we’re loggin’!

Eggs are a perfect protein.


Too fkn funny brotha love the post! Here piggy piggy :pig:


On a ketogenic diet greased pig catching a big part of the game.


Sounds delicious :yum:


Protien does breakdown into ammonia in the body especially in high amounts. You can actually get sick from it damaging the kidneys.
Its a good possibility that a high protien diet could cause it.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: well i did get the regular bacob today…before i saw this…i was at walmart raising hell how could they NOT have turkey bacon?! and so i had to get the regular and i came and just saw this now


Don’t forget to dip that bacon in ranch…