What the fuck is up with these bloods?!? Lol


Okay so I just ran some bloods last Wednesday.

I had been on the following (or so I have been on per he labels) for 4 weeks:

  • 560 test (t400 blend of c, e, and p)
  • 600 eq
  • 350 mast p

My test number just came back at like 7600… ummm what?

My thoughts:

  1. if my eq really is test then I’d be on like to 1200mg of test and guess that number would make sense BUT my e2 is perfectly in range at 34 and I’m only on 2.25mg adex per week. My e2 would be much higher and I’d need much more adex to be a 34 if I was on 1200 test. I’ve ran 2-3mg adex with test number coming back at 3500 before and e2 in range. I guess the mast could have been helping keep my e2 down as well.

  2. can eq or mast somehow skew a total test number??? Seems unlikely since I’ve ran this cycle before and blood were fine.

  3. hemoglobin/hemocrit is slightly elevated … wouldn’t that be a sign of eq being legit? Or would not happen from high dose test as well?

I’m at a loss here about what to do. I feel fine. But no way do I actually want to be on 1200mg test if that’s actually true. It’s seeming like option 1 above is the culprit tho the more I look at it.

I definitely don’t feel like the hulk like I would think I should if I’m on that much test and that number is accurate. My acne is under control and I’m not bloated or anything. But maybe mast really can bring down e2 that much? Shit idk what to do lol I would think I’d feel like a beast if my test number really is that high.

Idkkkk guys needs some input @Bigmurph @PHD @rnmuscle @UNITED @MBTJR1980 (tagging a few of the vets but anyone’s input welcome)


Damn not good… Real EQ and Mast P wouldnt skew your test levels like that brother, test is the only thing that will register on your lab results which means your EQ is prolly Test or both are cut with test.

At 560mg Test a week your levels should have came back around 2,800 - 3900

Your Hemos being elevated can be directly related to that high of test levels and at only 4 weeks I would expect it to continue to raise


Yeah I’m thinking that is the case bro. In gunna drop the eq and test again in 3 weeks. I don’t want health issues and never would want to be on that much test. Ugh this pisses me off. Nothing like wasting 8 weeks of a 14 week cycle. Lol


It could be that the mast is actually test and that would explain the weight gain ive seen in the logs.
It could also be the eq is test. Was your red blood cells count really high?


My hemocrit and homoglobin was just barely elevated. That was my only marker out of place.


I would say that the eq could definitely be test. Eq should have your red blood cell count elevated significantly unless your donating blood every couple of weeks.
If you’re going to keep using the eq I would definitely labmax or roidtest it before using more unless the high test levels aren’t a problem.
Thats a big test number lol
Atleast if it tests to be testosterone you know its good testosterone lol


Ugh I want to laugh @Bigmurph but this has me down in the dumps lol. I’m just gunna drop the eq, I switched the mast to a mast ace I have and I’ll restest again in 3 weeks.

Guess my new cycle will be really high test and var lol fmlllll


I still have no clue how my e2 would be in range with only 2.25mg adex. If the mast was legit, would it really help my e2 that much??? @UNITED @Bigmurph cuz I know in the last I’ve had to run 2+ Mg adex on only like 3500 test total for my bloods to keep it in range. I’d think it would be so high if my test was nearly 8000.


My brother Fitraver , am not an expert like the rest of the brothers answering you , but i can certainly relate to the way you feel; I have felt like that all the way thru this cycle (14 weeks, am at the 9th). I got blood works last week and everything is fine and as expected , the gear am using is proven quality so that never was an issue…I just don’t like the way I feel or look. You wrote: i have no clue…Am right there with you…I made a mistake with the" ratio". Anyways my brother, this is the great thing about it: You just learn one or two valuable lessons and a few things you will never do again. Count it all joy (experience is a great portion of wisdom) .


I have to agree with the other vets my man! Looks like the eq could def be test or both could be cut with test. Id be very bummed out too nothing worse than getting ripped off and sold a drug that isnt actually the drug you wanted. Im currently running test400 and eq300 both from my sponsor United Gear and have the usual effects of insane pumps, increased appetite, insane sex drive, increased aggression since adding TNE preworkout, and increased strength. I didnt notice until i shaved all the body hair off that i had actually leaned out quite a bit also which i was actually vey surprised considering im eating 5500 cals a day. Im prob sitting around 7-8% tops and weighed 266lbs Saturday morning fasted. Im sorry that you got shafted on this cycle brotha but i can promise you if you hit United up he will give you exactly what you ask for and you will love the gear, prices, service, t/a, and results! Best of luck my man :facepunch:t2:


@Pastor thanks for the thoughts brother. Definitely agree that this is part of the game. Guess it happens sometime. Love and learn.

@MBTJR1980 okay thanks bro. The only part that bad me weirded out and questioning was the fact my e2 was still
In range on only just above 2mg adex. Guessing you’ve ran some bigger cycles. If you’re uo around 1g+ test then surely you’re running more adex than that to keep e2 in range, right?

A guy is claiming that eq can show up as test where I posted my bloods. I tried googling and seem to get differing opinions.

I think my best bet is to just drop the eq (or test lol) and just continue on as I was. I switched the mast out too. Shitty when only having 8 weeks left.


You give me the impression of being very smart and wise, well…think who sold you the eq. If you dont have that 100% confidence in the source that we all need then proceed.
Yesterday i labmax tested some test e that i bought from somebody in Greece during last thanks giving and that is the only transaction i have done with that gentleman, i found some nasty revues about him about a month ago; thanks God i had not used it yet, cause i felt 1000 doubts about him; now labmax test dont do much but is something .
I know my eq is good but now at the 9th week i feeel costantly too thick in the middle… i wanna put some masteron there all the time . but am gonna follow what Bigmurph wrote for me in that post and am still waiting to see the eq, i believe though am runin it too low


Yes ive run many many high mg cycles i usually run arimidex at .5mg eod and seems to keep me in the clear. Im not 100% sure if eq would add to total test but i guess it might be possible but i think your best bet is to switch drugs and see if things clear up. And yes totally sucks its not cool to have this kind of shit happen when still have 8 weeks of cycle to go! Wish i had better things to say my man i def feel for you


@Fitraver happens if sponsor 1. trying to make extra profit margin off the cheaper raws which are test. 2. they were out of stock of one of the two and threw different labels on some test which they had in stock. Obviously blood results are great because it can prove this, this sponsor you used wont be around long.


I greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback. Idc what the sponsor has to say about it, I’m gunna too the eq and just finish without it. I’ll get tested in a few more weeks and see if my bloods come back down to normal. Appreciate your input @Pastor @UNITED @MBTJR1980 @Bigmurph

Also, @UNITED youre def on my list to try in the near future.


Think ima just say fuck it and switch to a basic test c and pin 2x a week at 300 each for rest of cycle since I don’t know where my bloods are right now lol. I’ll switch to @Iron_Junkie_Labs that I got from the contest and run some bloods for him and UGM. I’ll keep running this other mast ace I switched to and use the var when it comes. Make the most of it.

Guess this is something you have to roll with in this game. Forget I’m still relatively knee compared to some vets. My time had to come.


Just as proof for you guys. Imagine seeing this when you’re only running 560mg test. My jaw literally dropped lol. So can only laugh at it now. Never thought I’d see a number like this In My life considering I’m a huge proponent or average doses.


Anytime brotha hope i was able to help! Best of luck on rest of your cycle


The masteron acts very similar to proviron but on a stronger level. It is none to free up testosterone and depending on the last inj of test before the blood work might have spiked your test levels. The estro being in range is because of the mast and adex.

Usually the src will fake eq with test prop .