What’s your favorite Bodybuilding movie?


This could be a nice list and a place to check out new flicks.

This ones a classic but it motivated the hell out of me back in the day.

Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable
Link to the whole movie:


Wow…got a few…‘Stay Hungry’…‘Pumping Iron’…‘Generation Iron’ to name a few…


Loved Pumping Iron but didnt care for Generation Iron as much. Maybe I would like it more without Phil Heath in there.


Lol yeah hes hard to digest! Too full of himself. I liked Ronnie’s attitude or Jay Cutler they were always humble and great ambassadors of the sport! Arnold was the epitome of the American Dream! Love everything that has to do with Dorian as well. Guy was all time most dominant in the sport. Could have won many more if he was able to let up weeks out from Olympia instead of HIT training till he torn his muscles.


Yeah I think really only Phil has turned out to be an asshole. Hes a fucking jackass. I wish Kai would still compete against him.


Pumping Iron is all time. On Netflix now too.


Me too Kai is awesome! Fkn beast!


Pumping iron!.That’s how I got into the sport in the first place. I bought the book in a bookstore at the mall in the late 70’s when I was 15…:+1:


Pumping iron 2 the ladies…no pumping iron for sure even though it was scripted and cut to make things “more exciting?” Ken waller hiding the shirt…training laying on the beach…then the beast protagonist from NYC in the dungeon…I could watch again and again.