What made you truly happy today?


Funny you say that @Pastor.

I haven’t posted in this thread yet. Which is a shame bc I am so blessed for so many reasons. After the conversation I had with a fellow UGM member yesterday and fellow sponsored athlete and new found close friend, I can guarantee I will try to post something in this thread every day.

I hope you don’t mind me putting your name out there but I believe you deserve to be recognized. @MBTJR1980 is one hell of a dude. I reached out to him to talk about a couple different compounds and before you kno it our conversation turned from the effects of the compounds and dosages, to fighting, to mutual respect for one another, to sharing our personal lives, experiences, and struggles that have lead us to the points in life we are at now where our family and being the best we can be in all aspects of our lives. Him and I come from completely different worlds but have so much in common… The total and complete odd couple but would have known we could learn so much from each other. I found a new close friend yesterday by complete accident and for that I am truly happy and grateful. Not just yesterday and today but going forward from today on.


thank you pastor for your love and prayers.god blees you and your family and your dogs .


Thats why i have so much love and respect for you brother! You are a kind hearted sincere thoughtful well spoken smart God loving sweet kind person! God bless you and your family also bro thank you for being the person you are and for the kind wishes for us all. I know all my bros here feel the same way but i def thank you from my heart!!!


Thats pretty friggin awesome and of course im flattered my man! Im so happy you reached out to me because like you said i now have a new close bro! Yes we come from completely different places but we share so many experiences in life and we both have the same love and respect for where we have ended up in life and the journey to how we got there. @N8GainTrain you are an awesome person and im grateful for your friendship brotha. Ill do anything i can for you in anyway possible. I have nothing but pure respect for how you do your thing my man! Keep on kicking ass!




Feeling of accomplishment after a hard day of work


First it made me truly happy not only being the member of the month, but to see the congratulations from all my brothers, also the awesome pm Bighmurph sent me made me feel very happy…Believe me brothers 8 years ago i was a good for nothing; but God’s grace and mercy allow me to be a better person today.
oh !! also made very happy to see Leo and Arlo eating together




Thats awesome. Let us know what goodies you get…congrats.


my boy Apache arrived today


Great name, many years of faithfulness , love and friendship to come. Awesome looking puppy. Congrats my brother


Thanks brother we put food down which was puppy formula mixed in with dry food so it got soggy and my boy ate over half before his brother had 3 bites! Gains gains!!


Great pup bro! My dog eats too good now he won’t touch normal food anymore. We cook him 500 grams of chicken thighs, or some sausage in morning with thighs at night etc. But always regular food. He’s lean, healthy and strong. Hates veggies but will eat some buckwheat depending how we cook it with.

Lesson is dont spoil him or he’ll go on strike like mine does till you grill or bake him chicken lol.


Thanks brother I don’t plan on it, my other dog only gets pizza crusts when we order pizza all other food is dog food/treats, so I plan on raising this one the same


Good lookin’ pup. I’m not he greatest with breeds…what is Apache?


Mixed boxer/German Shepherd


It has been about 10 days of hard work and is finally paying off; now they eat together. Leo eats with Arlo


Good job brother


Thanks my brother


I always happy to see my son smile every single day!!! God gave me a mission and said not my time yet. I love my son!!!