What made you truly happy today?


Thats awesome.


I worked for a big place for about 5 1/2 years and then i had the opportunity of starting my own. After 2 years of financial independence i can only say that it has been so hard…up and down. always blessed that me and my wife have been able to pay our bills and keep our doors open . workers constantly steal from us, most of times leave in bad terms…2 weeks ago somebody broke the windows of one of our vans…is like every 2 months we have to start all over again. today after breakfast i lied in bed and i must have fallen asleep in my sadness…i heard him so loud: you have been faithful !!! you have been faithful !!!. It made me so happy to hear God"s voice out loud…encouraging me. Thank you Lord


OK, I liked your post but you can’t be using the tear jerking stories of the blind lady giving charity. Thats unfair for the likes contest:smirk: Just kidding… I like to go completely south of the subject! JUST TO SEE IF IM PAYING ATTENTION


You put a smile on my face beloved…I certainly thank you for that specially today


My new mo-hawk 1 inch tall so far




well…what made me happy today was this morning i noticed in the bathroom mirror i had TRAPS!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:…never before did i ever have traps like how they are developing now…i have been fit before but never saw the traps like this nor even knew it was possible to have defined traps…so this was motivative and am looking forward to see just how big i can get them…i even thought i saw a vain in it but not sure…so that made mu day to see…i was in a rush for work so i really couldnt stare at them lol!!




I found someone on this board who was very willing to work with me. Although the results ended at an impasse today he was very patient and professional with me. We are continuing to work this matter out hear in the near future. I just want to thank him for all the time and effort he gave me today.


what made me happy today was that i can look at this board and see grown men helping strangers out wether it be on the forum or by p/m .and i feel like pastor is our army chaplin ,band of brothers or what .bless you all


2 today:
1-My brother busa’s post, thanks beloved.
2-I took Samson and Leo to the vet for vaccinations and then a lady showed up with a basket with ELEVEN rottweiler puppies 6 weeks old. I got stuck for 2 hours


Who can resist puppies.


Me and my wife drove almost to Mexico to get this 9 weeks old bullmastiff puppy. His name arlo


He is a lucky dog


A hard day of work done ,and looking at the finished project I feel great with the outcome


I 've never owned a Bull Mastiff but heard they are ‘gentle giants’.


And eats like an elephant


It has been hard since i brought Arlo home, Samson was kind but Leo got very aggressive. Love always wins, they are all playing in the backyard right now


You think a little jealousy goin’ on?..or maybe being territorial?


Love always wins but animals love is not unconditional for their own species