What made you truly happy today?


Very productive day brother! My woman n her kid are gone to this weekend doin some girl scout thing, just me and the dog, just the way I like it!! Did I tell you I’m gettin another dog the end of May? It may look a bit like yours cause the dad was a boxer n mom a German Shepherd!!



OHHH !!! that is a champion right there you gotta, gotta get him


It’s in the bag, paid for already we’re gettin him towards the end of May when he’s older. Named him Apache to go my other Kiowa, i like the military helicopter names obviously


If you think how the wolf became a dog, is a beautiful story of commitment. Long ago a hunter fed a wolf and the animal fell in love with him and protected him and helped him to hunt as an exchange for love and care. I have mad passion for dogs


Me to brother, she’s my companion, spend more time with her then I do anyone else, by far. I know she will adjust well to her brother when he gets here, and she’s very disciplined being a service dog so he will learn from her, although I am not gonna be making him into a service dog.


This girl and I are attached at the hip, all I know is I better leave this party first…by a minute. Or there will be one crazy old bber out there.


She’s beautiful


Gorgeous !!!


It was ruled a tie as always😀 Yes , she’s natty and to young to make that decision.




I think I started a trend on this thread.


I got up very early (4 am), did cardio on empty stomach after my 2 cups of Cuban coffee…and as i was jogging started thinking the following: 8 years ago i was picked up by a church…i didn’t have cloth , i was lost and as i started getting restored God brought prosperity and abundance in my life and also freedom from addiction . 3 years ago i made it to the neighbors house with my wife in my arms, both seriously burnt …the fire consumed the house totally, we lost everything; 3 years after i find myself surrounded by blessings and prosperity. It made me truly happy today to see what God has done in my life.


I always try to thank God for the blessed things I have rather than the things I don’t.


Its what’s in your heart of hearts and he knows that. Many charlatans around and really only comes down to me and him. Its refreshing to know at the end of the day no one can persecute me but myself. I sleep well with a clear conscience, not perfection of action , but never a heart or head full of malice and resentment. I always 100% get what I need. If my eyes are looking at shiny and new things and away from the truth I have to put on a new pair of glasses.


Well put brother


What made me happy today is my woman left a note this am that stated that she has never been more happy in her life and that so is her daughter, her kid talks more about me in school then she does her real dad, I am also happy that I am not in jail or Iraq( been to both places more then once) and that I am blessed to have all my arms n legs and a roof over my head!


You are a blessed man


Good friends had my back today


A blind lady handed me today a contribution for charity…she said to me with a beautiful smile : am blind. I told her ma’am you see more than a lot of people with sight…you see generosity and kindness…she shook my hand and gave me a hug