What made you truly happy today?


Boss shook my hand and told me how much he valued my work ethic and was truly happy to be on the same team ,I asked for a raise after and have a meeting with him 530am




Why would you do that to me???..give me a second let me go in my office…AWESOME !!!


OHHH i know you got it my brother , is already yours


Sorry the last post is for Mountin man…could not edit it


Good for you MM thats great you deserve the very best always :wink:


Lmao man’s best friend besides a tight vagina :grin:


some tren


Ha ha yes TREN!!


Tren makes me the exact opposite of happy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: even possibly a bit psychotic lol


May I kindly ask you if you allow me brother: How do you handle that? I ask you because i did tren for two weeks and i got terrified


No prob at all Pastor i handle it by not taking tren anymore :wink:


That is a very mature decision…you have made very happy. Never forget that as men we lead our families…we guide them. If we are not well, then our families won’t. Have a great day big guy…you areawesome


Great talk guys, men lead from the front and lead by action! Semper fi!!


Always faithful


Dam right brother


Thank you brotha i agree 100% as men we have a responsibility to take care of our loved ones to protect them from danger and make them feel safe. So i have to have a level head and cant be acting like a maniac so i dont use certain compounds known for causing mood swings like tren or halotestin. As much as i love bbing i love my family more :wink:


we all different else we be a bunch of clones ,tren gets me para and protected over my mrs when ime out ,so i just up my antidepresents lol.to be honest i was looking at that steroid handbook thats been kindley donated and i will tend to go for the cycles suggested on there ,where you front load then come of with hcg ,befor the sides build up ,thats why i only use mtren and mainley small esters


respect to you my friend


Thank you bro means a lot