What made you truly happy today?


I have this thread on another fourm and everyone really likes it,they say it helps them feel better and more motivated during a hard day to read everyone’s ideas of joy and happiness so I hope it helps our community here also.

Today I woke up early for work ,and left my wife a note on how happy she makes me and that I am so greatful for her being my wife,we have been together 16 years and I know it lights her day up to read the notes I leave,so that brings happiness to my heart and soul knowing if she has a bad morning maby my note will bring her a smile.


Good thinkin, I do similar things but I will hide them in random spots like her car, or in her coffee mug, it’s the little things…


Today i woke up full of gratefulness for another day of sobriety and freedom from drug-addiction and alcoholism. Next, woke up my wife and the dogs and we all pray together for a great day. Next we make our way to church to have a richer and closer relationship with our Lord Jesus, be the leaders God has called us to be and be a blessing to those in need.
I pray right now in the name of Jesus for a great day for all my brothers in this forum, i pray for the well being of their families, i pray for their health and prosperity. God bless you brothers


The fact that I’ve been truly blessed with many nonmaterial “stuff” I carve out 15 minutes of gratitude at the start or finish of my day. I just be still. I say thank you that somewhere along this journey I realized I am not in control of anyone or anything. I quit fighting and all the " yeh but you don’t understand" turned to I am no more unique than a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things and that the big arms , the job, the anything doesn’t hold up against the person who can leave a note after 20 years and not look for one back , who can pray for a stranger and not ask where’s mine. Fear, jealousy , resentment…1000 x s worse than the worse abscess I’ve had limping in to the emergency room trying to make up excuses for why my ass is infected…the post couldn’t be 100% serious now could it?


Well not now


tbh showing up to work intentionally late so i could do family things and get a workout in makes me happier than being “reponsible”. sometimes you put all you have into a job and they keep taking taking taking. gotta look out for yourself sometimes


Well put


Pastor you post made me happy and full of the spirit by reading it thank you
And thanks to all of you for posting let’s keep this thread going


last night my mrs said she wouldnt massage my arms no more because they to big .i said its still me i no different ,then she grabbed my face with both her hands kissed me like never before and said .i know who you are and i love you no matter .so i promised to come off the steroids and just use g/h and ostarine ,deal or what lol


I took my lunch break today (I never take one)I spent it with a eldely woman at the bus stop talked about her children and her husband she really lit up and laughed ,she was so happy to talk it brought tears to my eyes in front of her she knew they were tears of joy and kissed my cheek and a big hug
I’m still choked up about it made me feel so blessed


Wow… that is how God is using you my brother…couse only you can bring a Mountain of happynes to people…am proud of you


Well mine is not nearly as good a quality as mountainman, but I had a little time to ride my quad today… and for me that is pure joy, from the speed to poppin wheelies, so today mine was a selfish happiness!!


Nothing wrong with that brother ,every heart needs joy so good for you my friend


Great spring morning boys, got up early, went and caught a couple trout for dinner tonight, now I got 5 page essay for English to do then go to gym, that is what I’m happy about, I am blessed!


I train in an old boxing gym,vwhich is a non-profit organization that opens for the local community: Mondays thru Fridays 6-9 pm. Here there are several pro boxer and the owner son is got 4 belts in the fly weigh division.
There are plenty of free weights and benches and old old nautilus machines that work very well…(donated by the local air Force Base) sometimes here and there I feel like I don’t have this or that but I can always find a replacement exercise( with a lot of humility). I have the keys to the gym so I train early in the morning… nobody there(excelente), today as I was working out the drop this donation…it made me so happy. Thank you God for being so awesome

New pull down machine and shoulders press machine


The perfect weather today 75 sunny small breeze time to take the wife for a stroll in the park


Today another beautiful spring day, just got done doin some interior painting for a lady, who inexchange for the work is letting me bowling her property, so fucking pumped for a new spot!! Now the woman, kid and I and my sisters nieces n nephews are going trout fishing!!! WOOOOO!!


Not bowling, BOWHUNTING


what made me happy today was that i am 4 weeks into pct but still on ostarine and g/h ,and i noticed my balls have returned home.lol


I would like to hear on another thread best excuses used to explain infected ass cheeks.

I thought I was the only sap leaving my wife posted notes around the house saying I love you.