What does your vitamin/ supplement list look like?


Just curious what everybody uses or takes for vitamins/ supplements!

I was at my PCP yesterday doing another routine check up, and to discuss my blood test results from about 2 or 3 weeks ago.
So with my PCP knowing what I use on my cycle and him giving me his professional medical opinion (which he is required to do) on what steroids “can” do to the human body, we got to talking about vitamins and supplements. He actually told me to stop taking everything that I currently take saying that the human body is designed to function normally and produce naturally the things im buying. (Think im losing faith and trust in this doctor) Anyway I clearly made it a point to tell him that even after we have our visit im going home to reorganize my items on my shelf and just add more to my list… I guess I kind of started getting irritated at his lack of knowledge.
But back to the original topic of this thread, what’s your current vitamin/ supplement list?

*Men’s 1 a day multi vitamin/ multi mineral
*Calcium, magnesium, zinc
*Fish oil
*Somatomax Bio-optimizing sleep aid & adrenal support
*creatine monohydrate
*whey protein