What do you guys wear to the gym, far as foot wear?


What do you guys wear to the gym, far as foot wear these days?
I’m an old school chuck wearing dude… I lift from home and at the gym, at home I can squat of course without kicks on, but in the gym my chucks are my go to footwear…


High heels


Chucks also and for squats adi powerlifts :muscle:


Bare feet when I can get away with it otherwise I like Nike Free


If I can get in my local place between 10-11am, its dead there and I can pull it off, I jump right into my station while I have the chance, they even leave a note at the desk what time they will be back… Its a trusting place, everyone looks after the joint…The owner and his wife pop in here and there but for the most part doors are just unlocked and go in and do your thing…


I have these super lightweight nikes but not sure what they’re called. Feather light tho haha


Lol…have you tried stilettos?


Depending on my routine for that day. Squats and deadlift days I wear New Balance Cross Minimus…any other day just running shoes.


For everyday except leg day i got flat bottom Under Armour all black sneaks and for leg day i wear Otomix


Nike fly knit or free run


I also got a light pair of nike that I will sport when my heels hurt… not sure what they are either but I only paid 65 for them and they’re super duper light… I’ve been wearing the same pair for 3 years and there in pristine condition. I only wear them to the gym when my feet are having bad days…
I cringe when I think about my early twenties wearing work boots in the gym right after work…


Nike Air Max


Leg day I use my some Asics wrestling shoes and every other day I have a variety of lightweight Nike’s I bought a Nike outlet cheap as fuck.


I wear no bull shoes. Most comfortable shoes ever. Look them up www.nobullproject.com
They are a little expesnive but worth it.


I have a nice pair of Nike running shoes that I actually found brand new, unused at the salvation army store. I believe they are called Nike fit. I looked them up online and they sell for about $120 a pair. Best shoe i’ve ever owned for working out.


I use to wear my good shoes to the gym and I kept ruining them. That’s why I broke down and bought those nobull shoes very tough had them a year and still look and feel brand new.


I may have to look into them I have a bad problem ruining shoes when I do powerlifting.


I’m been checking out the brand for a while now so thanks for the review.


Just bought another pair lol


Which ones??