What do you all Think


I was at the 10th week of the following cycle: 500 mg test e+ 300 mg deca+ 400 mg eq/week. Week 1 thru 4 75 mg npp+ 75 mg test prop.(as kick start), nolva as needed.14 weeks cycle. After the 4th week i was feeling bloated and water retained ( my diet is super, super clean)…I was not recognizing myself, cause i always stay hard even when the purpose is size. By the 9th week of small improvements ( good weight on the scale though) i started using adex Thanks to the advises of my good friend Fitraver and i got better every day, more solid and keeping the weight. I was not totally satisfied though. I ran the eq too low and also the deca…Also the big, big ignorance of how to put well together a cycle; so i really did not wanna go higher on the dosage, specially considering that this is my second cycle after almost 8 years of abstinence. Anyways i added 50 mg npp+75 masteron prop EOD, adex at .25 EOD or every 2 days and will do 20 weeks. After a week i feel great and have made awesome improvements…went up to 182 and i believe am about 12% bf. My goal is 190 and 10 %; Am very short 5’ 4’’, but i have a 27 inches waist ( good symmetry). What do you all think about this re-arrangements?
Your opinions is very valuable to me i live a life that has nothing to do with bodybuilding anymore, i dont have gym buddies and to be honest using steroids is quite questionable considering who i am and what i do. You guys are all i got


I like what your doing with the npp and mast p if it’s working for you and your happy then stay on course


Great… excellent. Thanks


Also i have changed my work out routine; i started working out synergistic muscles
1 chest/triceps
2 back/biceps/forearms/calves
3 shoulders/abs
4 legs/calves
5 rest
I just wanna see how i react to this changes