***Welcome to UG Sale***


Hey ldog,jus checking b4 I get too far…supplies all good?


Yes sir. All good.


U wanna shoot me a current list brother? I don’t have it anymore for some reason


Need your email.


Lol,dammit I sent it on n&s. Sorry brother.




Join the GC family. We value our customers. Jump on this sale!


Sale is still kicking for Feb. Get in on it!


Come and get it!!! Sale is on like neck bone!


I’m waiting on a couple fuck-tard buddies and ima send an order your way,next day or so. Cant wait it’s always a pleasure with gc.I’m excited to try more of gc gear,I loved the other orders.




Yup me too! Sometime tomorrow I will get ahold of you


Thanks bro


Sale is still going on!


Quality products with excellent service. Give GC a try. You won’t be disappointed!


I haven’t been disappointed yet… just sayin


Spank you very much B


Placed an order on Sunday, arrived Super fast.


Sale is stilll rocking! Don’t miss out!


Got my order! Nice and tight packaging! I ordered Wednesday afternoon and it was delivered Saturday! Quick responses and communication! I’d say jump on the sale while u can! The Pressed Var pills look tasty!