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I will breach this with very controversial questions and ones I cannot answer for anyone individually. This post is by no means to be a judgement or an attempt to question anyones conscience decisions and is NOT directed at any individual.

I ask rhetorically…

  1. How can a person who professes to be a believer in Jesus and follow the laws of God participate actively in promoting, encouraging and partaking in an activity that is predominately illegal in many countries?


  1. What type of example is that for those who are non-believers?

I am not looking to debate anyone. I simply can’t understand why this forum needs a place to promote any religious beliefs. Aren’t there things that can be excluded from a forum while remaining all-inclusive?

In my mind this forum category simply causes a overt division within the community.


Separate religion and politics. No need for either here.


Atheist here, but I’ll share an opinion.

First off, I have no problem with ugm having a Christian corner. Lots of religious people here and jesus is a huge part of their life. I’m not put out when y’all talk about religion.

What do local laws have to do with your religious convictions?
I think you could be a good person and still discuss how to safely use drugs.
Pot is still illegal in many places, but its hardly sinful to smoke a joint.

I think you could be giving advice on how to be a junkie and stay safe, and still be a good person… or christian