Weightgainer supplements?


Hey guys so what is your take on these weight gainer supps? With a hectic lifestyle between work, kids, family time, would you think this would be an ok supplement basically for calorie support? I’ve been browsing through a few of them and some of these are bringing 2k plus calories to the table per serving, not to mention a high carb count as well.


I don’t prefer to use them but I do have some on hand for “oh shit” moments. Things like traveling, family get togethers or even really busy days that I can’t get away long enough to sit down and eat. I say do whatever is necessary to achieve your caloric goals though. It may not be the best practice but it will definitely get the job done. If it allows you to be more precise and consistent in your nutritional goals, then I say go for it. The majority are loaded with complex carbs and aminos as well as protein so if it works better for you and allows you to maintain a level of consistency then it’s better than failing at the alternative


Just like you stated i would probably be using them in the “oh shit” moments lol. Sometimes its just so damn hard to get a good full meal in. The worst part is I work in a kitchen for about 12 hours a day and it messes with me so much that I can sit there and cook and prep for guests all day long, but can’t find time for myself to eat sometimes, so aggravating sometimes.


If I was going to use one on a regular basis strictly for weight gain and/or meal replacement I would go with one that is made from whole food sources. Redcon1 MRE fits this bill and they taste great. It may appear expensive per serving but if you believe the labeled ingredients and purchase when on sale I believe you will find them to be a great bang for the buck. Discounts of 20-50% are common and regular.


Great thanks so much, think I might give em a try, just checked pricing @ a little over 3$ a serving is really not that bad. The fact it contains no whey and all whole food sources us a huge plus in my books


I couldn’t agree more. Keep an eye on discounts and if you intend to use them long term grab a couple of tubs when you find a deal. You just missed their black Friday deal but hopefully in your case they have another holiday sale.

FYI- My spouse uses a half serving as a meal replacement on a daily basis. She loves it. She even uses the powder in recipes.


Ive always been curious about using these products and if they would really provide a benefit or just an upset stomach.
I believe in the past the products that were available were subpar to what is being offered today.
Im almost sold on them but not yet.


I’m not a fan in general but putting on weight has never been a problem for me (just have to increase my carb intake some). The few times I’ve added one into my diet I wasn’t happy with the quality of the weight I was gainig. I guess if I were having a hard time getting enough calories I would give one a try again…they are convenient.


Not a fan of them at all. Ill stick natural peanut butter and other ways to increase my calories if I need it.

Your diet should dictate what you need and then look into what sources do you want to increase calories and still maintain your goals.

If you want to just get fat then by all means go to town on them.


Haha great picture! I couldn’t agree with you more about whole foods, I know for instance after the gym my appetite is horrible so i figured this would be a good option for meal replacement


Certain products like ghrelin or ghrp2 will increase hunger without sides. Another option to think about if you really need to.


I should give the peps a try, idk I always stayed away from them, I’ll reaserch some more into the ones you mentioned, I also hear that MK667 will increase appetite as well


Yeah I can vouche for ghrp2 as thats what i used.


Nice, thanks! I’ll be reaserching then a little more extensively


I can vouch for ghrp-6 having a big effect on hunger as well. I had to FORCE myself to stop eating because of the gherlin release and never feeling full at meal time.


Just wanted to say thanks for letting me know about Redcon MRE. Just picked up the banana bread flavor few days ago. It really tastes like no other supp I had before. Fantastic taste, zero bloat, and its whole food sourced! Thanks brotha!


You are welcome @Raphael3636.