We did alot of house cleaning for 2019


We at ugmuscle have done some house cleaning because some sponsors could no longer be verified so they are no longer with us.
We also verified that our other sponsors are still 100% good and they are verified sponsors for 2019. We have even gotten a few new sponsors @ganabol being one check him out.
We also have our other verified sponsors that have been with us and providing great quality and service for along time some for almost a decade.
We have 5 sponsors going through verification right now so we are going to have only the best at ugmuscle for 2019.
I would also like to add that we are now going to have all the top Canadian domestic sponsors at ugmuscle. Anyone in Canada can easily order from the best and top sponsors in Canada.
We have recently dropped multiple sponsors so please check before ordering anything to make sure that they are still verified.
Also please welcome our new verified sponsors and check back in with our verified sponsors who have been with us since the beginning.
We now also have verified sponsors that don’t have banners so you can always check the 3 categories that we have
Canadian domestic
Some sponsors have there own category completely like MPG and PSL.
If anyone has any questions about anything of course just contact me or semper fi anytime were always here to help.
To all our new members that have signed up recently or in the past that don’t ever post and just read if you’re comfortable with just that its ok but we would really like to see an introduction from you and have you as part of the active community.
I promise that we are not like other forums and if anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable for a question or bashes you come to me and I promise that they won’t be having a good day lol even if it is trengod lol
So let’s all have a great year anyone and everyone hit me up anytime.
Thanks again brothers and sisters

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