Ways to lower cholesterol?


So my cholesterol came back slightly high at 218. Guess that’s not awful considering I was on 100 var and 50 winny plus Test/mast and Provi. I’m
Now just back to test and running cholest off plus. I’m sure cruising for awhile will bring it back down. Plan to check again in 2 months.

Just wondering what all you guys may use? Was this what you suggested berberine for @Iron_Junkie_Labs? I forget. Gotta look that up.

I’ve heard pomegranate juice too (shits expensive lmao) and fish oils, which I use.

I think eating well and time off will do the trick, just wondering if you guys have experienced success with proven blood work using some things.


This is the brand i use! U can get it off amazon.


Thanks dude


Tren had mine at just over 300, this stuff helped me tremendously . https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.com/Sports-Nutrition-Support-Bottles-Comprehensive/dp/B01BU58YOM&ved=2ahUKEwj6ytC915rbAhXI54MKHaDzBYIQFjABegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw04fKWdEFhFwau1fCkmQKAt

Also my doctor has me taking 5 fish oil or flaxseed oil(which I perfer over belching :fish:) a day as well


How far has yours come down?


Back to normal range, took about a month of just trt dose. Also look into serapeptase, it’s been shown to help keep plaque from building up in the arteries.


Great glucose shuttler also. A great substitute for metformin.

Is ‘shuttler’ a real word?! :wink:


@SemperFi agreed! I use it for that very reason as well! :muscle: :boom:


Believe it or not increased levels of LDL and lower levels of HDL can be directly related to the over consumption of sugar. When I am Keto adapted taking in very little sugar and massive amounts of fats my LDL drops drastically and my HDL increases.

Berberine and/or metformin have some great benefits in several areas of overall health. A anti-aging human trial study was launched in June of 2017 that should shed some light in this area. I could be wrong about the exact date the study began… My memory ain’t a well oiled machine anymore.


Awesome. Thanks guys!!


@SemperFi @Iron_Junkie_Labs I was doing a ton of reading last night on berberine and Metformin. I couldn’t seem to come across a definite answer on if using them hampered you’re abikity to gain muscle. I saw tons talking about the fat loss property and use on a cut, but there seemed to be hesitations on the muscle gaining. I believe the to down regulated protein synthesis, which some said would not matter when on AAS.

Anyways, I now realize what you both were talking about above that I skipped over when just focusing on cholesterol.

So curious what you guys think about that topic and also how you guys dose your berberine for the insulin or “shuttling” purpose as semper said.

If either of you have feedback on Metformin and your results/dosing schedule id be interested to learn about that too. Sounds like if you can get past the first few days and the shits it’s an amazing product.

Ps. I also read that berberine reduces the effects of aromasin up to 60% so good news to know if you use them at same time. There was also reasoning why upping aromasin dose to combat didn’t help and was a bad idea, but the explanation was over my head. So just something to be concious of if running together.


Really great info there @Fitraver and yes glucophage is some good shit ifnu can get passed the shits, i was in it last bulk cycle to help manipulate my insulin for after workouts. I would take 100carbs for ever 500mg metformin and these are complex carbs die to metformin taking a while to kick in (it aint no where near the power of insulin though keep in mind) try to take one 500mg pill with preworkout meal atleast 100 carbs and 50 grams protein shake then wait gor a while till your stomach settled from the food and hit the gym about an hour after the meal you will definitely feel the energy boost and fullness of your msucles due to the metfromin helping your bodys natural insulin to be effective at giving the muscles the nutrients they need. Then you can take another 500mg with post workout meal with 100 carbs and 50g protein shake.
For your carbs, something like 50 grams actual food and 50 grams vitargo or karbolyn will be perfect mix of fast absorption and slow.

As for berberine you should take take atleast 1500mg a day to be safe and keep cholesterol within limits, i know because i was on 900mg and cholesterol bloods cane back just slightly above the limit but still within range so i bumped the dose. And make sure you solit the doses 2-3 times a day because your body can only absorb so much of it at a time.

As long as you eat right on metformin and clean alot of the stomach issues shouldnt bother you and also i experienced no muscle wastening from it. If you give your body the food it will perform.


Hell yeah man. Sounds like it can be amazing stuff for so many health reasons. I wanna keep researching it and see if it’s something I want to pursue. I was reading so much about dosing and about how it can effect your carb digestion In the stomach and stuff haha and I got sick to my stomach trying figure out the right way to do it timing wise to get the benefits haha.

Did you ever get hypo feeling?

We’re you running gh or slin with it?


When i took metformin it was sorta like a pre trial with my natural insulin and how to manipulate it, i joticed that before and after my workouts (woth the timing i gave you up top) did me best and the first week i started using it because it take a couple days to build but i did notice some stomach discomfort but as long as you eat clean thats avoidable just make sure to try your best to get 100grams carbs and 50 grams protein in ya for every 500mg metformin and you shouldn’t experience hypo.

I didnt use gh or slin with metformin but now i moved onto it and never looked back at metformin ever again haha! Slin is by far better than metformin, remeber slin is the actual hormone insulin you are putting into your body and metformin is just a precursor so to speak, it helps your body use its natural isulin levels to be more effective. But slin is a whole nother beast!:muscle:


@Fitraver I use metformin pre workout with a carb containing meal or shake. It is typically taken at the time of the meal and 60-90 minutes before training. Dosage is individually based and I have found 50-75g carbs, 35g protein and 425mg Glucophage to work well for me. My post training meal does not contain carbs because of my diet lifestyle. It contains 40-50g protein and 20g fats.

Remember in the absence of glycogen stores the body will go into gluconeogeneis and convert protein into glucose if the individual is not in ketosis. While my body is adjusting back into ketosis from the pre workout meal I am concluding that my body will be in gluconeogeneis once the glucose is used up while training and the 6 hour half-life of metformin will assist in protein derived glucose disposal and that is the reason for the high protein post workout meal. I can attest that when using metformin I get back into to ketosis faster, based on a blood meter reading, then if I do not use it.

I can’t and don’t really have the time to put all the science down on paper for someone to follow but my reasoning is pretty simplistic and reasonable. I can’t speak to the masses because I don’t eat what the masses eat. It’s not that I am special or anyone else is doing it wrong. I just have chosen a different path that works very well for me overall.


Appreciate you Sharing how you do it man. I think I am going to have to keep researching and then give this stuff a go. Did you get the stomach issues at the start too bad? I need to research what other possible bad sides there are. I seem to just see a laundry list off positives but sure there are some downs too.

I’ll give that study a read when I have a few more minutes.


Oh… you will almost shit your pants and it will stink worse than a new born babies skank if you use too many simple carbs and too high of a dose of metformin but… your body will adjust just like it will with magnesium or Vitamin C supplementation. :mask:

The actual human trial study on the anti aging properties of Metformin is called Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME).



Hey man besides supplements hows your intake of healthy fats? You should add a serving to each meal of extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil, all natural peanut butter or almond butter, raw almonds, walnuts, whole omega eggs ect. My cholesterol was 130 and i eat 35% of my diet from healthy fat sources


Our bodies are perfectly equipped to process and utilize those high saturated fats within healthy quantities. Its the CHEAP fats at any level that throw our system into a tailspin and mess with our lipids. Sugar as well messes with them in the form of inflammation.

To add to @MBTJR1980 list… avocado and avocado oil, fish oil (wild salmon), coconut oil and grass fed butter.

To reap the entire benefits of olive oil DO NOT heat it. For cooking I use avocado, butter or coconut oil.


Good add brother def very good sources of healthy fats