Wanting to add npp how much should I start with


thinking about adding npp to my next cycle and was wanting some thoughts… thinking about running 500 test c 400 eq gh 4 units and wanting to add npp to it but not sure on the milligrams per week so asking for recommendations… this will be my second cycle. My goal is to add on a few more pounds… well any advice will be appreciated or any suggestions as to other thi gs to add or take from the cycle. I dont do pct I blast and cruise . I take 12.5 exemstane every other day while on cycle to control estrogen… well thanks guys


Did you run test only your first cycle? Why add 2 compounds at once and not just add eq this time? You could bump your eq higher and run 600 as it’s fairly low in sides and most people run it higher. Could do 16 weeks of that. If you are set on adding npp I’d say usually dose is 3-500 so you could add it in at 300 but you gotta pin Eod with that where as test and eq you’re just 2x a week.


I’m running eq and tes at the moment… will be finishing a 20 week cycle first week of Jan… wanting to add the npp for joint pain but thought if I’m going to add it I want to also gain from it… I know you have to pin It more often if I was worried about the pinning I would go with deca. Also my next cycle I’m not going to do as long of a cycle prob 8-12 weeks so may not run the eq period. Just kinda planning ahead… my plans are to run a long cycle then a short cycle and alternating them each time .Taking the same amount of time off cycle. I say this is my second cycle but I ran a couple cycles in my early 20s of dbol and deca actually made great gains from them. But this is my 2nd cycle since I decided to get back on gear…


Sounds like you def wanna add it in. I’d stick to about 3-400. But do you only have 4 weeks left? You’ll see some from it since it’s short ester but ideal would be 6-8 weeks. Up to you man. May need to up your ai.


Bro I usually run Npp at 400-600 and normally run 12 - 16wks with about 200mg test a wk. Always works for me! Good luck!


I noticed you have growth listed on there, will this be your first run with it?


Been on gh for about a month… yes its my first run with it


300mg a week is good


Agree when @PHD… been on 300 NNP / 300 test eth per week for the past 8 weeks, 2 more to go… good steady gains and fullness, a little water but to be expected. One of my favorite compounds for sure!


I want to thank you guys for your input… i really appreciate it.