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Dude congrats, I have a little boy as well so I know the joy. Enjoy every second!


I’ve been leaning more towards mast as well


Congrats brother
Family should always come first so I can definitely understand.


Hell Yes! Thanks for considering me… The timing is perfect as I am about to pull the trigger on a purchase. Only reason I haven’t yet, honestly, is the fact that there are so many solid folks on here offering their services. I feel like I did when I was 13 and walked into the record store…so many options my head spins.

That said I already log all my training. Weight moved daily, aerobic/anaerobic work, 1RM and 3RM totals, monthly volume, meso and macro cycle totals. I would be super motivated to put what I do out to the world especially if I have a commitment to someone else. I find it hard to shit on my commitments…

I will not be running a “pro” or “big” cycle. I like small doses and realistic, for me, goals. 12 weeks of Test/Eq sounds rad to me. Maybe a little oral kick start, AAS foreplay. I would go with Tbol for 3-4 weeks.

If a full cycle outline is required on the application I would offer this as a template that is open for suggestions from much smarter guys… Wk 1-10 Test C or E @ 300mg/wk. Week 1-12 EQ @ 400mg/wk. Weeks 11-14 Test P @ 75-100mg EOD.

On cycle AI .5 adex EOD or 12.5 Aromosin EOD.

HCG weeks 10-14 @ 500 iu/ EOD
PCT 5 weeks. Nolva 40/40/20/20/20. Aromosin 25 mg ED.

I think what I am proposing is more valuable to a sponsor than covering some huge 16-20 week cycle consisting of 1.5-2 g a week of gear. Why…? Because most users are not able to or willing to use such huge amounts. I believe I represent a more “typical” AAS user in my desired outcomes and gear choices. I keep seeing shit like you should do 750mg/wk test with 800mg/wk EQ with Tren and Anadrol and maybe some rhino semen to really up the ante. Very few guys need the rhino semen…

My goals are to increase the big lifts; DL, Squat, Bench, Clean and to look better naked. I want to increase strength, endurance, and durability. Currently I train 6 days a week with either weights, aerobic work, or recovery/sport specific activities. I want to utilize AAS to increase my total volume of training significantly. I think I can best my PR’s from my late 20’s with the right focus.

I am currently about 14% Body Fat based on a tape test, not displacement or calipers. I plan to drop another 2% before a cycle so maybe I’ll be an honest 14%. My diet is so so. I have a daily cheat meal and am really ok with it. Who the fuck doesn’t like pancakes at 9 pm ??? What I am saying is I am not a die hard dude. I eat pretty well, train pretty hard, and try to balance a family, job, and life with my passion for fitness. Again, I think I represent the “typical” AAS user.

So… Choose me! That way I dont have to stress who to get supplements from and I will happily post pics, bloods before/during/and PCT, PR’s in the gym, videos of big lifts, number of erections daily…

All jokes aside this site is fantastic. I have learned so much reading daily from posts that are 2 years + old. Thank you all for the contributions. Regardless of the contest I am gonna run a test/eq cycle and post it up. Maybe a Joe Schmo Cycle is exactly what we need…!!



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