Vial Adapter or Spike


Definitely one of my favorite tools to utilize, helps avoid it contamination from bacteria etc. Typically universal and fits on most vials, you only end up having to poke the rubber once and attach a syringe to the adapter then remove the syringe once it’s filled to desired amount and attach your needle to pin.


Never used one but heard about it. So you basically poke it on, then each time just twist on the Luer lock like you would a needle tip and draw?


That’s interesting, I have never heard of that and now I’m interested


Where do you get it, same spot you get your pins and such??


Just looked it up lol. Pretty cheap think I’ll get a few for each vial.



Anyone look up how sterile they are to use? Assuming there is no issue with a needle just sitting in the oil? Guess if there were issues they’d have died out. Just don’t hear much about them but it would be super easy.


I’m not sure I even truely get the point, so bacteria doesn’t go thru rubber stopper, and to save the rubber from getting poked to many times…? If I alcohol everything, just as the lady did, why would I need that? Or maybe I’m missing the obvious, which happens to me sometimes, which I know you can attest to @Fitraver cause I’ve needed your correcting/pointing out more then once lol


I think ease of use is the best part. Less wasting of alcohol wipes. Etc. just a perk. Not a necessity obvs.


My ex is a pharmacist and she introduced me to it. She swore by it since they used them in her lab. Most of them are air locked once you remove the syringe


That’s where I have seen them. At the compounding pharmacy. They had them all over.


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It’s a great idea and I find it amusing


Me too I laughed.


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I bet carries this


I been running this promo for several months on a few different forums, its merely a coincidence that you had your topic up :wink:
we were going to promote this either way, along with many many more great things… :wink:


Glad to see you guys carry them.


Small world haha.