Very first cycle. Popped that cherry


By “hit a vein” do you mean injecting into your blood stream on accident or you nicked something? Curious how tren cough is related to that???


He is the god I am tren

I believe that was the t-shirt right lol


Usually when you nick a vein that happens. I hate it. Haven’t had one in a while


Thought it was
“Tren is god, I am Tren”?


That has happened to me as well. It freaked me out. But I’m ready to see the gains again.


Going into week 7, I’m up to 240-245 at morning weigh in. Typically it fluctuates with my water intake. I got on the body composition analyzer at the Dr’s office and only lost 2% body fat. I train 3-4 times a week for about 1.5hrs. 10-15 min. of cardio. Intake was adjusted to 3800 calories. 475g carbs, 333g of protein, 63g fat. You were right @SemperFi. I was gassed at work and starving!

My question is if I’m doing something wrong? I feel like I should be either heavier or leaner. My wife can see a change in my overall body definition and sees a significant change in size and definition in my chest and shoulders. I can see changes but I guess I was expecting a little more. My biggest mistake was not taking before pictures.

What is yalls input?


Without normal updates it is very difficult to provide you with any useful advice @LeonitasCas.

You’re up in weight, down in BF% and your wife likes what she is seeing. WTF more are you looking for? :wink:

If you are giving it 100% and you are seeing improvements then keep doing what your doing. False expectations lead to premature resentment.


Point well made as are all your points brother :metal:t2:


I think you’re doing well man! Keep at it - takes time to lay the groundwork to see the big change.


Definitely false expectations. In my crazy mind, I was thinking 10-15lbs of muscle gain.


Some people can’t do that in a year even with the use of steroids. :wink: The masses have given the false impression concerning steroid use in dangers and results.

We are the worst enemies IMO in this area because we exaggerate the actual results to not appear as if we failed in some way on our cycle when sharing with others.