Very first cycle. Popped that cherry


A little background, work for an FD and in this particular district I work in… well they’re silverbacks. Most of these guys have 20-30yrs of experience and it shows, so luckily being that they are brothers, they have put me on the starter pack to becoming a silverback.

I’m 34, 6’ and I currently weigh 238 pounds and have 22% body fat, mostly gut. I’ve trained pretty solid for the last 6 years and off and on since high school.

My goal is to bulk! Get big! Get strong! Maybe drop a little more fat but I’m not really looking for aesthetics. Currently, I’m trying to meet my 3000 daily calorie intake. 45g carbs, 209g protein, and 220g of fat.

Due to working in a large city FD, going to a urologist is the key to maintain that safety barrier. We can be tested for steroid use. Initially, I was started on a trt regiment. First 8 weeks went like this:

Week 1-8 - 200mg of testosterone cyp. (100mg Monday & 100mg Thursday)

Week 1-12 - 500ius HCG. (250iu Monday, 250iu Wednesday) and 1mg Arimidex. (.5mg Tuesday & .5mg Friday)

As of last week, I have increased my test cyp to 400mg along with other gear.

I plan to eventually introduce Tren A.


Thanks for sharing. Thats a nice Ketogenic Diet balance on your macros brother. A Keto diet is not a good choice for a bulking diet. I don’t mean to say it is not possible. I am just mean there are better choices.

With your active employment and stats I have your maintenance calories between 3300-3700 depending on how often you train. Your 3000 calories a day are short of what you would call a ‘bulk’. In fact you are in a deficit of 300-700 calories per day. You possibly will be able to add some lean muscle while losing body fat if you are on point with everything at 3000 cals. At your size and BF% I would call this a ‘slow cut’.

If you find that it is working for you let us know. We would love to share in your success!


@SemperFi I’m trying to slim the waistline a little. I really haven’t measured yet but I’m in a 38" waist pant right now that has the belt cinched down to the max. I can get into my 34s again, but they are tight on my thighs and ass and homey don’t play that. I’m also trying to get this damn belly fat gone, it’s truly all I have, besides that, I’m pretty lean everywhere else. My good friend used to compete in the NPC circuit and he identified my body type as a mesomorph, a win for me plus the decent genetics from the bloodline.

Once I start the tren a, I will bump those numbers up. Trust me, some days I can feel the lack of calories.

Thank you for the advice I will definitely apply it. I hate quit on trying to rid this belly fat but it’s a buzz kill for me when I look in the mirror.


No sweat. You just confused me because you said your goal was to bulk. So you are trying to cut now and then will bulk in the future… got it.

Wishing you great success towards your goals!


This is a mistake brother you are going to do what you want and I respect that. I just wanted to let you know that tren is a very harsh compound. I personally don’t believe that anyone who doesn’t get paid to look a certain way shouldn’t use it. You can get almost the same results from other compounds and have far less side effects.

Just wanted to throw it out there and reccomend to start with just testosterone but if you’re going to add another compound I wouldn’t recommend tren. Look into other nor-19 compounds or atleast check out the forums and read about how bad the side effects are.

Good luck and good gains brother


wishing you a happy bulk bro!


@LeonitasCas exactly what everybody is telling you, be careful with that Tren, your going to need to do a lot of research before you jump on that train. Just BE CAREFUL!


I have to disagree here Gus trenA is not that bad now trenE is a different story where as I wouldn’t run it longer than 6 weeks.

Personally I’ve never seen nor heard of bad sides with trenA and it’s an amazing compound. Yes you will sweat at night (depending how your body reacts to it) yes your sex drive will go out the roof. Now like anything you use it can be harmful if you over do it. I’ve ran it at 700mg a week during prep for 10 weeks (back to back shows) and never had any side effects. Every once in a while I’d hit a vein and get that god awful tren cough but that’s about the extent to sides I’ve seen or heard.

Just my two cents for what it’s worth.


As in homey the clown


I love Tren A. I dont like Tren E but at 700mg TA I feel great but sides start. Hex is my favorite. You have to consider if you do get sides from this it can affect your work. Working as a FF the reducting in endurance some people get could cost you or someone else in an emergency. If your cycle isnt just right you wont be able to run as well on Tren.


Yes I definetly notice getting winded on it, and that’s not even doin cardio


Congratulations and good luck!

I am literally about to start mine… pretty damn scared but excited at the same time.

Will you be taking your AI right away?


Ive ran tren A and never had any noticeable negative side effects… Havent touched tren E that one kinda scares me (more so of a just in case)


I appreciate all the advice! I still have research to do before I start or consider starting Tren A. The prework mix I use is, 50 mg TNE, 50 mg Tren base, and 2000mcg Mtren. So far, 2 weeks in and I’m doing good. No side effects yet. Staying hydrated with a steady dose of vitamin B6 and milk thistle. I’ll be using this for the first 6 weeks of my 12-week cycle. Only thing I’m not use to is the damn taste.


@CantStopWontStop, Yes, my labs came back with high levels of E2 after 8 weeks of test cyp. I have to shut that shit down quick.


The pwo is an oral mixture??

Ive never seen a tne,tren,mtren, oral mixture


That is quite the pwo cocktail… to much for me mtren and tren base


Welcome to the age of UG labs that just make shit up in hopes of some kind of new super drug. overkill right here in my opinion and not to mention the toxicity of it on your liver and kidneys.


I can only imagine brother.
Tren scares me I won’t use it.


Quit being such a chicken. Time to step it up. Ask @TrenGod how amazing tren is. Why you think he’s called tren god