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Thanks my brother, I hope to put on some quality size this fall/winter.


thanks for the post brother.


I picked up some Sustanon during UG’s sale. $20 for Sust 250… who can beat that? Delivery time was a bit slower than I am used to from a domestic but it is completely understandable due the increased orders that needed to be processed due to the sale & the Memorial Day Holiday. The arrival was perfect timing for my next cycle that started June 1.

Pinned and already flowing through my bloodstream. Running it with Rx Deca, Rx GH and a pinch of Metformin.

I appreciate the generous sale… Thank you @UNITED @Mountain-man @MBTJR1980


Keep us posted, brother. I never ran Sust before so I’m looking forward to your results.


You will be happy if your a sust fan brother I felt it after 4th pin and felt 18 agin after 4 weeks


@Mountain-man I don’t give testosterone that much credit but I understand what you are saying. Thank you again for your help through the ordering process.


We all appreciate you SemperFi! Your posts are very informative and your style is awesome :metal:t2: Always a lot of fun reading your posts bro ty for your review and positive feedback :facepunch:t2:


Test is BEST!!! The more you take the better the results up to around 1200mgs then the return has some sides that creep along :muscle:t2:


Haha if you don’t see any sides from test til 1200mg then Youre one lucky bastard. Lol


Lol maybe im just so used to them now that they seem like everyday life haha!


@MBTJR1980 Thank you for your kind words. UGM is full of cool cats and I have some close associates lurking around.

I guarantee you this… I will provide a honest review when I get some bloods run and if it ain’t legit then you will hear it from me and if it legit you will hear it from me. :wink: I would never put a source on blast publicly about the product unless I spoke with them first. Solid sources are an important part of what we do. Word of mouth and personal experience is good for everyone but blood work is ‘golden’. No source gets my exclusive loyalty because we all know the game. But… If the product is good I am always a repeat buyer as long as they maintain the quality that I expect from them.

@UNITED Nice clear oil buddy. Draws easy and injects even easier. Slight pip 8 hours the following morning but that is because I hit the tear drop quad and was off my feet sleeping. After getting around it went away quickly.


Tear drop quad inject. Brave ass man lol


I got to spread the love and I had to test the products pip worthiness. :rofl::dart:


Your crazy ass prolly hits calves :joy::joy:


@Fitraver I haven’t made it that far down the rabbit hole yet.


Lol you are a crazy MF doing shots in your tear drops! Thats fkn insanity :exploding_head:


I have no idea who even suggested it or taught me to do it but I have been doing it for years without any issues. Call it crazy but it works for me. The only down side is that they are more pip prone and that is why I chose that sight for my first United injection. I have hit the delt and glute also…pip free. :wink:


Hey guys to make life easier I made a new email addy to answer any and all ? or concerns ,diet or cycle advise even motivation for all our friends and loyal customers.I will respond to all emails as fast as I can but please allow 24-38 hrs for response incaes life is busy that day,I will respond to !ost within 12 hrs using the email address


Thanks MM for keepin’ us updated.


It’s my job and I love it